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Wi-Fi set-up for Ubuntu

Here are the instructions for configuring Wi-Fi on a computer running a version of Ubuntu Linux.

You must have Ubuntu 12.04 or higher installed. For the latest release, please visit

    1. Plug in your network cable or turn on your wireless, and wait for a connection.
    2. Go to and fill in your Shepherd username and password, then press “Download”.

    1. Find the Bradford dissolvable agent file, usually downloaded to the desktop. Right click it, and select Properties.

    1. Select the Permissions tab.

    1. Check the “Allow executing file as program” box. Press close.

  1. Double click the icon on the desktop, the agent will now run a scan to make sure your computer complies with all registration requirements. You will have to run registration for both wireless and wired connections.

If you have any problems with these instructions, please contact the User Support Desk at (304)876-5457 or