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Tuition and Fees

Student Fees

Upcoming Tuition Due Dates

Summer 2024

May 17th  (100% due)

Tuition Payment Options

These options are available to pay balances due for the fall and spring semesters; because summer semesters are short, these payment options are not available to pay summer invoices.

60/40 Payment Option:

The balance due for a fall or spring semester can be split into two payments. The first payment is due before classes begin. Due dates are established each semester; the deadline is generally the week before classes begin. The first payment amount is 60 percent of the balance due after subtracting any financial aid. This is the minimum amount due in order to ensure that your class schedule will not be dropped for non-payment. The remaining balance is due approximately six weeks after classes begin.

When you receive the first e-bill via your student email address, there will be a total amount due and a minimum amount due; simply pay the minimum amount due, which reflects 60 percent of the balance on the invoice. Another e-bill will be sent after classes begin, informing you what the remaining amount is and when it is due.

In-House Tuition Payment Plan option :

This payment option is a three or four month installment plan offered for the fall and spring semesters through the Shepherd University Business Office. The payment plan has a fee of $25 per semester.

¬†Spring ’23 Payment Plan Dates

December 15, January 15, February 15 3 Month Plan
November 15, December 15, January 15, February 15 4 Month Plan

To enroll in a monthly payment plan, you will need to sign a payment plan agreement and return it to the Business Office. Signed payment plan agreements can be e-mailed to

Click here to access the payment plan agreement.

Refund and Appeals

If you are in need of a Refund and Appeals form, please stop by the Business Office in Ikenberry Hall, Room 212.