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Travel for International Students


Request your I-20 Form/DS-2019 Form travel signature at least 7 business days before your departure. You will need the following documents to re-enter the United States:

Extra Travel Tips:

As you book your travel plans, make sure to consider the countries where you have flight connections. Depending on the length of your connection, you may need a transit visa. Check with the country’s Embassy whether a transit visa is necessary.

Always check the travel health requirements for your final destination before you travel as well as requirements for countries you are transiting through. These requirements might include self-isolation, quarantine, vaccination, or negative COVID tests. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) maintains a travel information website for COVID-19.

Resources for Travel and COVID-19:

IATA – travel regulations map
U.S. Department of State – travel to other countries
CDC – travel to the U.S.