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Apply to Honors Transfer Track

To apply to the Honors Program Transfer Track, which is an option for transfer students who will have at least a 3.30 college GPA and 30 credit hours at the end of the semester during which they are applying, please send an application essay and résumé as email attachments in Microsoft Word or PDF format to the Honors Office Administrator, Ms. Tammy Crist, at Please include the subject line of “Transfer Track Application” for your email message and include in the body of your message a brief statement that you wish to apply for the Honors Program and have attached the required materials.

Your essay should tell about an event from your own life experience that helped to define who you are. This event could be an academic achievement, a sports event, or a personal challenge or success – choose a story that will help us get to know you better as a person and as a potential Honors student. Your essay should be approximately 300-400 words; should address Dr. Sally Brasher, Director of the Honors Program; and should be sure to include your name at its end. Your résumé should follow standard résumé formatting and detail your academic and extracurricular experience, including pertinent information such as high school GPA and ACT or SAT scores, and your college GPA for at least 24 credit hours of course work. Applications to the Honors Program Transfer Track are accepted year-round, and students begin in the program the semester after which they have been accepted. Honors students are also eligible to be considered for a limited number of Honors scholarships available only to students in the Honors Program. At the end of your application essay, please indicate in a brief statement if you wish to be considered for Honors scholarships. Decisions about Honors scholarship awards will be based on students’ transcripts and Honors application materials, and are typically made after the interview process is complete in late March or early April.