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Shepherd University offers classes on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry.

ENVS 390 – Geographic Information Systems 

ENVS 390 – Geographic Information Systems
(4 cr) A course in geospatial concepts, GPS systems, remote sensing and emerging mapping technologies. The course will focus on applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to the environmental sciences and other disciplines. These systems employ computers to store, retrieve, transform, and display spatial data and have a myriad of applications in environmental studies and fields such as geography, engineering, sociology, criminology, archaeology. The laboratory focuses on data acquisition, data analysis and vector analysis, using a variety of spatial sources, and introduces current GIS computer software applications. Prerequisites: 4 credits of lab science OR permission of instructor.
ENVS 391 – Remote Sensing
(4cr) Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomena without making physical contact, and is utilized in disciplines as diverse as meteorology, hydrology, economics, ecology, wildlife management, and geology. This course will investigate the many varieties of remote sensing employed within the scieinces and applications of these techniques to field analysis. Topics include remote sensing systems and techniques associated with single- and multi-spectral satellites operating in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Prerequisites: ENVS 390 or permission of instructor.

ENVS 396 – Photogrammetry

(4cr) Photogrammetry is the science of making geospatial measurements from photographs and has extensive environmental, military, commercial, planning and humanitarian applications. This course will cover photogrammetry as employed within the sciences and applications of these techniques to field analysis. Topics include photogrammetric systems, techniques in the visible and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, digital imagery and applications such as topographical mapping, archeological discovery and geological investigations. Prerequisites: ENVS 390 or permission of instructor.