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Upon receipt of a report, the University’s Title IX Team will conduct an initial Title IX assessment. The goal of this assessment is to provide an integrated and coordinated response to reports of sexual and/or gender-based harassment, including sexual violence, stalking, relationship violence, and discrimination. The assessment will consider the nature of the report, the safety of the individual and of the campus community, and the Reporting Party’s expressed preference for resolution in determining the appropriate course of action to eliminate any hostile environment presented, stop the conduct at issue, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects.

At the conclusion of the assessment, the Title IX Team may refer to the report for informal resolution, which includes the identification of remedies to stop the sexual harassment, address its effects, and prevent its recurrence. Alternatively, the Title IX Team may refer the matter for formal resolution. The formal resolution begins with an investigation. The goal of the investigation is to gather all relevant facts and determine if there is sufficient information to refer the report to an adjudication or grievance process in order to determine responsibility and impose disciplinary action if appropriate.