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Tips for Senior Year Families

Senior Year

Senior year is a time of completion, reflection, and transition. In addition to wrapping up coursework, many students are also completing internships and looking into graduate school or a full-time job.

While balancing their future plans, current coursework, and last opportunities and festivities students also spend time reflecting on their college careers, they may be attending more university and community events, realizing this is their last chance.

As the year’s end approaches, students prepare for a major transition; in a short time, they will be saying goodbye to familiar faces and the environment they’ve live in for four years. At this point, parents and guardians can provide important emotional and practical support.

Senior students might also battle occasional lapses of motivation, commonly known as “senioritis.” Many students will be excited to celebrate the ending of their college career, but students without firm post-graduation plans might feel directionless or worried for their next steps. Make sure you remind them to apply for graduation at the Registrar’s Office!

As your student searches for a job or graduate school opportunities, encourage both proactivity and patience, and remind them of the many resources available at Shepherd to aid with their post-graduation plans. This is a time where you may need to teach your students about full independence after graduation. If they haven’t already learned, teach them about bill paying and other processes, and if applicable, discuss student loan repayment.

Finally, attend Commencement and celebrate your student’s achievements!

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