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Tips for First Year Families

First Year Students

The first year for a college student is a period of substantial transition, which includes developing new study habits, learning time management skills, adjusting to an independent lifestyle, meeting new people, joining clubs & organizations, and continuing along the path to adulthood.

In the classroom, your student is learning how to become critical thinkers, playing an active role in their own learning, and adapting to new academic challenges.  All of these changes, many of which occur at the same time, can be daunting but will lead your student to a tremendous amount of growth.

Support from  family members play a vital role during this critical year.  Click on the links below for information on what family members can expect during transitional first year of college.

Fall Semester                                                        Spring Semester

First Year: Awareness

The first year at Shepherd is the perfect time to become familiar with Career Services. The following is a list of suggestions for your student: