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Student Employment Manual: Time Keeping

A designated supervisor from each department must program the new student employee into the timeclock in order for the employee to start accounting for their time. Alternatively, student employees may go to the Student Employment Office to be programmed into the timeclock. If the student works off campus, they may use the ESS timestamp found on the WV State Auditor’s Website through the employee’s MyApps Account to account for their time.  Supervisors must review and approve a student’s timecard in Kronos at the end of each pay period.

Students with secondary appointments must have paper timesheets submitted to the Student Employment Office every Monday by noon to account for their time for the previous week or they will not be paid. A sample of the timesheet can be found here.

Student employees are non-exempt, hourly employees. As such, students are not permitted to be paid via stipend, unless approved by the Director of Human Resources and the Vice President of the department for which the student will work. Students who are approved to be paid via stipend must submit a Student Stipend Work Record to the Student Employment Office by the end of every pay period to account for their time worked. A sample of the student stipend work record can be found here.

For the full Student Employment Manual, click here.