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Technology Purchases

All technology related purchases need to be coordinated with the assistance of Information Technology Services. IT Services can assist in researching options for hardware and software purchases. We work with dedicated vendors who can often provide a lower price than retail outlets. Please submit an email to with any requirements or questions you might have.

IT Services must be included on project requests where additional network connections may require adding network ports and/or additional network equipment such as switches.

For labs and computers driving projectors in classrooms, we must have notice of new or updated software to be installed by:

Exceptions to the deadlines above will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

In order to plan our work and provide you the best service, we must be informed of all software and hardware changes ahead of time. This allows us to do any preliminary work necessary to ensure we can accommodate the request.

IT Services need to be involved in the purchasing of laptop and desktop systems. We also ask to be consulted on tablet and individually-used software purchases. We especially need to be involved and approve of software to be used on multiple computers or in a client/server model of use.

This is to aid in the testing process to make sure the necessary licenses are purchased and software properly tested.

In order to provide the best systems and pricing, contact IT Services about computers you want to purchase. This will allow us to work with you to provide the best options, configurations, and prices. We work closely with Procurement Services and our vendors to facilitate and streamline the computer ordering process.