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Program Advisory Board

Functions of Advisory Board

  1. To review and evaluate curricular content, including both course work and field experience.
  2. To review and evaluate general program objectives, design and operation.
  3. To identify areas of curriculum and program, needing development and/or modification.
  4. To make recommendations to faculty and administration for changes which are in compliance with the standards and guidelines of the Council on Social Work Education.
  5. To promote and advocate for the Social Work program within the university and community.

Advisory Board Members

Community Members

Student Representatives

  Emeritus Faculty Members

Faculty Members

Diana Collins (Advisory Board Co-chair) Sharice Hawthorne Doug Horner Karen Green
Wendy Baracka Kambria Kosanic Geri Crawley- Woods Craig Cline (Advisory Board Co-chair)
Abigayle Koller Jayson Thorne Pippa McCullough
Stacie Rohn
Judy Pittinger
Daniel Speis
Joe Woodburn