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Admission Eligibility and Transfer Credit

In order to be admitted to the R.B.A Program, a student must have graduated from high school at least four years ago. For example, a student graduating from high school in June 1999 would not be eligible for admission to the Regents Program until June 2003.

For admission to the R.B.A Program, students must be high school graduates or have a GED. Eligible students may transfer into the R.B.A Program from other institutions or from other majors within Shepherd if they have a 2.0 GPA. Students transferring from other institutions should have official transcripts sent to Shepherd’s Office of Admissions or the R.B.A Office.

Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions and Transfer Credit

Q. How do I apply for admission to the R.B.A Program?

A. You can complete a Shepherd Application Form from Office of Admissions or online at

Q. If I earned a GED recently, do I still have to wait 4 years?

A. It depends. The four-years-since-graduation rule would apply to the date when you would have graduated had you completed high school.

Q. What if my GPA is below 2.00?

A. Your GPA may be helped by the Regents rule that allows for the disregarding of all failure (F) grades earned more than four years prior to your initial admission the Regents program. (Your GPA is recalculated with the failures ignored, although they will remain on your transcript.)

Q. What if I drop out for one or two semesters? Do I have to re-apply to continue?

A. You do not have to re-apply to Shepherd until you have been out for more than two consecutive semesters. Otherwise, you must re-apply to Shepherd and pay the $45 application fee.

Q. How long do I have to complete my R.B.A degree?

A. There is no deadline for the degree completion.

Q. Will my associate degree credits transfer to Shepherd for the Regents Program?

A. Yes, a total of 72 credits can transfer from community colleges.

Q. Can I transfer in “D” grades from other institutions?

A. Yes.

Q. Are there credits from other institutions that will not transfer?

A. Yes, remedial courses do not transfer. CLEP credit will not transfer until the original scores are sent from CLEP to the Office of the Registrar.

Q. Can I get credit for military service?

A. Yes. Four credits are awarded for military physical education. Additional credit will be given for documented specialized military training, which has been assessed by the American Council on Education.