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NEW (Mar 2021): The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) is committed to the outreach and recruitment of a highly qualified, diverse, and inclusive workforce to support our conservation mission. The site below provides information and other resource links on Service programs and opportunities for potential candidates and professional representatives from institutions of higher education, professional associations, and other organizations that will ultimately promote a robust and diverse applicant pool and pipeline for Service positions and other opportunities. FWS has a variety of internship opportunities to prepare students and graduates for a career with the Service.

NEW (Mar 2021): The Defense Intelligence Agency Summer Internship Program (SIP) provides promising undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain practical, on-the-job experience working side-by-side with intelligence, technology, human resources, and other professionals in their field of study while providing support to DIA’s mission. To be eligible for a summer internship at DIA, candidates must be currently enrolled in a full–time baccalaureate or graduate degree program which is primarily focused on skills that are critical to DIA, such as: foreign area studies, legal, computer science, business administration, human resources, public administration, international relations, political science, chemistry, physics, biology, microbiology, pharmacology, toxicology, engineering, data science, math, statistics, or intelligence analysis related courses. Specifics of the programs, including eligibility requirements, can be found at

What is the Shepherd advantage?
With Washington, D.C., and Baltimore just 90 minutes away, Shepherd University students have a multitude of internship opportunities available in the metro region. Furthermore, Shepherd continues to expand its internship partnerships throughout the United States.

Recent internships include:

As a student, how can I learn from my peers about their experiences?
The “In Their Own Words: Student Internship Experiences” page provides examples of recent student experiences, featuring interviews with the student interns themselves. These internships are in a variety of fields, highlighting the possibilities available for students regardless of discipline.

As a student, how can I find out more about internships in my specific major?
The “Internships by Academic Departments” page provides contact information for internships within each academic department at Shepherd. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate person listed to schedule an appointment with them at least two semesters before you hope to undertake an internship experience.

As a potential external partner, how can I work with Shepherd to provide opportunities for students?
Dr. Jason Best, Assistant Provost for Distance Education and Strategic Research Initiatives, serves as a liaison with external research-oriented entities in order to develop and implement new partnerships that match the interests of our students and faculty with the opportunities and needs of that partner. He may be reached by email or phone:

Phone: 304-876-5331