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What is the Shepherd advantage?
With Washington, D.C. and Baltimore just 90 minutes away, Shepherd University students have a multitude of internship opportunities available in the metro region. Furthermore, Shepherd continues to expand its internship partnerships throughout the United States.

Recent internships include:

As a student, how can I learn from my peers about their experiences?
The “In Their Own Words: Student Internship Experiences” page provides examples of recent student experiences, featuring interviews with the student interns themselves. These internships are in a variety of fields, highlighting the possibilities available for students regardless of discipline.

As a student, how can I find out more about internships in my specific major?
The “Internships by Academic Departments” page provides contact information for internships within each academic department at Shepherd. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate person listed to schedule an appointment with them at least two semesters before you hope to undertake an internship experience.

As a potential external partner, how can I work with Shepherd to provide opportunities for students?
For more information, contact the Director of Career Services via email or phone:

Phone: 304-876-5814