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Shepherd Success Academy FAQs

Why should I join the Shepherd Success Academy?

I was invited and I registered—What’s Next?

SSA invitations are on a rolling basis all throughout the spring and summer leading up to the fall semester. Keep an eye on the email you provided in your registration form; email is the primary way we will get in touch with you about updates and information you may need before the new semester begins!

What benefits do I receive from working with my Success Coach?

Working with a success coach will help you:

What do the one-on-one meetings consist of?

Each meeting is agenda-based and designed to cover topics related to student success such as time management and note-taking skills. A major benefit is that they consist of whatever you need during any point in the semester.

You may also discuss a range of topics with your coach that relate to challenges you’re experiencing, for instance: if you have questions about any kind of academic policy, feel any undue academic pressure, or want to explore academic options of any kind. You can learn to sharpen your learning or life management skills including: college reading and writing, managing stress, motivation and focus, communicating with instructors, and test-taking strategies.

Is the Academy a large time commitment?

Nowe understand that our students lead busy lives!  Each student is required to meet with their Success Coach weekly, but we work hard to ensure that that meeting time fits into your schedule.  Meetings can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to thirty minutes depending on topics that need to be covered and questions/concerns the student has.

Is there anything else we can answer for you?
Contact Hannah Williams-McNamee, Assistant Director of the Student Success Center & Success Coach