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Funding Your Study Abroad

The study abroad office is committed to making study abroad as affordable as possible. We are working to bring students as many semester-long opportunities as possible at a similar cost to what a student would pay for a semester at Shepherd, as well as affordable short-term options. If you would like to study abroad but are worried about the cost, please make an appointment to speak to us about options for affordable opportunities abroad.

Financial Aid 101

For trips led by Shepherd University faculty or on exchange with our partner universities, most financial aid is generally applicable. On semester or year-long exchanges with partners, in many cases students pay Shepherd tuition and local costs for room and board, which makes this choice a particularly affordable option. Other programs have fixed costs at levels comparative to costs at Shepherd. The use of financial aid on third-party programs can vary considerably depending on the specifics of the trip and the type of aid a student receives.

In all cases, students are strongly encouraged to meet early with the Financial Aid office to discuss options and establish a plan that will work for your budget.

Funding Opportunities and Scholarships