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Final Clinical Practicum Experience

Final Clinical Practicum Eligibility

To be eligible for admission to Student Teaching / Residency II, the teacher candidate must:

  1. Have passed Juncture 2 (undergraduates)/Retention (MAT) Review;
  2. Have earned full status in the Educator Preparation Program;
  3. Have earned an Educational Studies GPA of 2.75 (Combination of Specialization and Professional Education Courses required for certification) and an overall GPA of 2.75.  (MAT students must also have 3.0 on the graduate transcript).
  4. Have earned no grade lower than “C” in all Educational Studies courses (see above definition);
  5. Meet all requirements as specified by the specialization/endorsement in the Shepherd University Catalog and/or Program-Specific Handbook;
  6. Be free of conviction for felony or any charge involving moral character.
  7. Submit passing Praxis II content test(s) scores [or state-approved content assessment] by June 1 for fall semester Student Teaching/Residency II or November 1 for spring semester Student Teaching/Residency II.

Final Clinical Practicum Application

Student Teaching / Residency II application information is reviewed during registration meetings, held between Weeks Three and Four each semester prior to the Student Teaching / Residency II semester. Applications for Student Teaching / Residency II are completed electronically. Candidates are provided with a unique link to complete the application process during the registration meeting. Candidates may refer to the Student Teaching Application / Residency II Instructions for further details. Candidates are required to submit a resume with the application for Student Teaching / Residency II. Sample resumes are included below:

Final Clinical Practicum Resources

An example of the timeline for a typical Student Teaching semester are outlined here. [Review the Practicum Manual for details regarding the Residency I/Residency II timeline(s).] :

Placement Information Packet

As soon as the Student Teaching / Residency II assignment is confirmed, candidates may contact the assigned teacher(s) to schedule an introductory meeting. During the meeting, Student Teachers / Residents must complete the Placement Information Packet (PIP). After completion, the PIP should be submitted via Brightspace (and via email to university supervisor) by Wednesday of the second week of the semester. Assignment details may be referenced by viewing the Placement Information Packet Instructions document. Assignment templates are listed below.

Additional Resources for Teacher Candidates

Cooperating Teacher Resources

The Cooperating Teacher is critical to the success of a Student Teacher / Resident, and we strive to provide you with the support required to make the semester a positive experience for you both. The following outline is provided as an overview of selected information to allow for a solid foundation upon which to build:  Cooperating Teacher Overview for Student Teaching

If at any time you have any concerns, please contact the teacher candidate’s assigned university supervisor. If you are unable to reach the supervisor or feel that concerns need to be addressed further, please feel free to contact the field placement coordinator and/or the Coordinator of Educator Preparation Program, Accreditation/Compliance. We encourage you to take time to review the EPP Student Handbook and Practicum Manual, which contain details of all Shepherd University School of Education and EPP policies.


Evaluations are completed through a direct link provided to cooperating teachers. The Skills of Teaching Observation Tool (STOT) is due at Weeks Four and Ten of the Student Teaching / Residency II assignment. The summative STOT is due by the final day of the Student Teaching / Residency II assignment (e.g., Weeks 7 and 14). For seven-week placements, TCDA should also be completed in Week 7 (in the final week); for yearlong placements, the TCDA should be completed at the end of each semester. Informal / formative evaluations of the candidate’s performance should also be held frequently throughout the candidate’s experience.

NOTE: Candidate self-evaluations and Cooperating Teacher evaluations of performance as rated on the STOT are considered in the final grade but are not used to determine the candidate’s grade.  See the Practicum Manual for more guidance and information as needed.

Additional Resources for Cooperating Teachers

Student Teaching Resource Presentations

Click on the links below to view individual presentations by topic:

University / Content-Area Supervisor Resources