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Students present their work at the West Virginia Undergraduate Literary Symposium

Attending the West Virginia Undergraduate Literary Symposium at Fairmont State University are (l. to r.) Dr. Heidi Hanrahan, associate professor of English; Heidi Reichert, Kearneysville; MaKarie Myers, Martinsburg; Claudia McCarron, Charles Town; Alexandra McCarron, Charles Town; Gabrielle Hersey, Delray, and Lilli Sutton, Boonsboro, Maryland.

Alexandra McCarron, a secondary education major from Charles Town, presented “The Devil’s in the Details: Female Characterization in the Book of Job and the Testament of Jobab”; Claudia McCarron, an English major from Charles Town, presented “The Revelation to Jane: Christianity and Apocalypse in Jane Eyre”; MaKarie Myers, an undeclared major from Martinsburg, presented “Parroting Perspective”; Heidi Reichert, a mathematics major from Kearneysville, presented “Genji, Roland, and the Roles of Privilege and Context in Autonomy”; Gabrielle Hersey, an English major from Delray, presented “Perverse Philosophy: Poe’s Problem with Transcendentalism”; and Lilli Sutton, an English major from Boonsboro, Maryland, presented “The Self-Reliance of Ecclesiastes.”