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2023 Student Leadership Recognition

Shepherd University strives to be the gateway to the world of opportunities and ideas. We are committed to the five core values of Learning, Engagement, Integrity, Accessibility, and Community. We encourage our students to embrace these values, through leadership opportunities that foster, develop and strengthen positive leaders.

Each year we recognize our students who embody these values, and who leave a lasting impression on members of the Shepherd Community. The below students served on leadership organizations supporting the mission of our University. Groups highlighted below are:


The Student Life Council (SLC) is responsible for recommending campus-wide student life policies to the Vice President for Student Affairs, the President’s Executive Staff, and other groups that establish policies. Working along with faculty and staff, SLC is responsible for reviewing student handbook policies and registration of student groups as well as a many essential campus life committees.   

William Prudnick | Chair
  Fatou Conteh
Boluwatife Dogari
Picture not provided Samantha Fridley
Lexi Keeling
Madison Rhine
Michaela Sencindiver
Paul Teter
Madison Weatherholtz


The Student Government Association (SGA) of Shepherd University works to establish a more effective and representative student government, to encourage interest and participation in responsible student government, to protect the rights of students, and to initiate, direct and promote students’ activities designed to enhance the welfare of the entire student body.

Cameron Colwell, President 
Chrislynne Bard, Vice-President 
Natalea Johnson,  Campus Relations Officer
William Prudnick, Treasurer  
Aaron Mathew, Parliamentarian


A subcommittee of the Student Life Council at Shepherd, Program Board (PB) is made up of student leaders who create a community on campus by sponsoring diverse, inclusive programming to educate, entertain, and engage students. Program Board Executive Leadership Team members develop strong leadership skills and learn how to plan, market, and assess diverse cultural, recreational, educational, and community-building programs. Program Board’s efforts support the core values of the University and the Division of Student Affairs: student learning; engagement; integrity; accessibility; community; social justice/diversity; and retention. 

Mary Adeline Bicksler | Programmer  
Picture not provided. Jill Bowman| Programmer  
Picture not provided. Samantha Fridley| Programmer 
Lexi Keeling | Programmer  
Susan Harris | Programmer
Picture not provided. Bryce Kirk, Programmer
Picture not provided. Russell McClanahan, Programmer
Leah Owens | Programmer
Oli Pierce | Community Service Chair  
Paul Teter, Programmer
Chelsea Wells, Programmer
Michaela Barnes, Graphic Designer
Asa Thurman, Event Assistant
Anika Wirt, Event Assistant

Multicultural Student Affairs – Seniors

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs helps prepare all Shepherd University students to live, learn, work, and succeed in a diverse society. The Office provides support and guidance to student organizations that promote the needs of underrepresented populations, known as Affinity Groups. Which include the Gender Sexuality Alliance, Global Shepherd Students, Disability Advocacy Group. the Black Student Union, Students for Reproductive Rights, and Shepherd Environmental Organization. The Office also oversees the Multicultural Leadership Team. Each senior listed below is a member of one or more of these groups and has shown leadership throughout their time at Shepherd University.

Picture not provided. Olamide Adegbamigbe
Tina Akondeng-Azise
Kayla Blake
Picture not provided. Breanna Chambers
Boluwatife Dogari
Mahayana Garcia
Picture not provided. Valerie Martinez Ramos
Kady Sanogo

Student Success Center Peer Leaders

The Shepherd University Peer Success Leaders (PSLs) are students who work with Shepherd University’s Student Success Center and want to give back to support their peers. PSLs support students academically and socially through one-on-one meetings by sharing their personal experiences, tips, and strategies from a student perspective. The PSL program began in 2021 and continues to grow. PSLs make a great impact by ensuring students are comfortable, acclimated, and connected during their time at Shepherd.

Picture not provided. Ruby Anderson
Boluwatife Dogari
Picture not provided. Samira Flores
Picture not provided. Samantha Fridley
Hattie Hodges
Picture not provided. Skylar Howard
Lillian Robbins
Evan Stambaugh
Dei’Ja Taylor-Malory

Orientation A-Team Summer 2022

The A-Team Orientation Peer Leaders are a well-rounded group of Shepherd students who assist with New Student Orientation. The A-Team has the great responsibility of sharing campus knowledge and being one of the first connections that new, transfer, and non-traditional students make on campus. These student leaders work closely with faculty and staff to plan, prepare, and execute all Orientation activities. The A-Team is one of Shepherd University’s long-standing traditions as they make an incredible impact on incoming students and their families every year.

Picture not provided. Ruby Anderson
Picture not provided. Mohammed Balassi
Kayla Blake
Cameron Colwell
Lilian Davila
Boluwatife Dogari
Logan Jackson
Picture not provided. Logan King
Brooke Moses

Leadership For a Better World Certificate Recipients

Shepherd is committed to developing the next generation of leaders for our campus, community, and world. Shepherd’s Leadership for a Better World program is designed to increase the capacity of students to become effective change agents.

The students below have invested time developing their leadership skills by completing a minimum of nine training workshops and reflections. Through attendance, participation, and reflection on workshops, trainings, and events rooted in the Social Change Model of Leadership, these students have learned how to become stronger leaders and agents for positive social change by developing consciousness of self, others, and our greater society. In addition to building their professional skills, those who completed the program will receive a certificate and graduation honor cords and their names will be added to a plaque in the Student Center Ram’s Den.

Ethan Baker
Sherri Beard
Audrey Elliott
Picture not provided.  Samantha Fridley
Picture not provided.  Michaela Hersom
 Katie Keckler
Picture not provided.  Bryce Kirk
 Sam Lake
Picture not provided. Eleanor Lepp
Picture not provided. Margaret Orlando

The following upperclassmen participated in intensive leadership training and served as peer mentors to new students as part of the Engaged Leaders in Action program during the fall of 2022, earning their Leadership for a Better World certificate.

Picture not provided. Olivia Gill
Susan Harris
Natalea Johnson
Xia McAfee
Picture not provided. Margaret Orlando
Abigail McCoy
Dayton Miller
Camyrn Monroe
Andrea Navarrette
Carson Poffenberger
Lillian Robbins
Picture not provided. Margaret Orlando
Grace Summerbell
Ciara Scafide
Sydney Witmer

Alternative Spring Break Volunteers

Alternative Spring Break is an annual initiative for students to engage in a week-long service program. During this year’s spring break, the following students traveled to Unicoi, Tennessee to replace a metal roof and paint houses with Appalachia Service Project.

Tina Aknodeng Azise
Taylor Beam
Madelyn Hearn
Virgie Moore
Kevin Murphy
Lillian Trotter
Aly Nazarok

Ram Pantry and Ram Closet Volunteers

The Shepherd University Ram Pantry was created with the goal to improve the well-being and health of our Shepherd Family by combating food insecurity. The pantry offers food and basic needs to all current Shepherd University students and employees. Volunteers open the pantry and closet then assist students as they FROP (free+ shop) for basic need items. The pantry and closet could not be available without the volunteers. They are essential to the operation.

Gena Boice
Picture not provided. Dakota Dimarino
Picture not provided. Gaibrial Doamekpor
Picture not provided. Brooklyn Gholston
Autumn McClung
Picture not provided. Abi Stradley
Zahra Alegaili
Ashley Sinclair

Relay For Life Event Leadership Team

Relay For Life is a 12-hour event that support cancer survivors, provides an opportunity for our community to fundraise, and brings the campus and local community together for a night of celebration. Since 2003, Shepherd University has raised over $790,000 in support of the American Cancer Society. Relay For Life symbolizes the hope that people lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face the disease have support, and that one day cancer will be eliminated. The leadership team plans, organizes and executes the event. From marketing to logistics, from activities to fundraisers, our students are behind the scenes ensuring our community is celebrated, remembered and ready to fight back.

Sierra Godfrey, Lead Chair
 Picture not provided. Louie Aulick, Co-Lead Chair
Samantha Fridley, Survivor and Caregiver Chair
Gerry Cook, Logistics Chair
Mary Adeline, Fundraising Chair
Kayla Weller, Accounting and Registration Chair
Olivia Watt, Activities Chair
Picture not provided. Josie Beezel, Entertainment Chair
Picture not provided. Emma Day, Luminaria Chair
Maddie Hearn, Social Media Chair

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