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Student Laboratory Access Requests

Student Access and Safety Training

Any student that will be provided access to CNS&M laboratories is required to go through Student Lab Access and Safety Training, whether Onity key access is being requested or not. The Student Lab Access and Safety Training is conducted by the Campus Environmental Safety Coordinator. The training typically takes 30-40 minutes to complete and content may vary. For instance, a student working solely in a computer lab will receive different training than a student conducting research in a chemistry lab. The information below provides detailed information on the process for requesting and obtaining student access to the labs in the CNS&M and includes links to the appropriate forms.

Process for Requesting and Obtaining Student Access to Labs

Outlined on the following page is the process that will be adhered to for faculty members wishing to request that student(s) be granted access to labs.  This is being implemented for both consistency and to ensure that the sponsoring faculty member(s) are invested in and assume responsibility for the student(s) working independently under his/her direction.  Please keep in mind that requesting access does not guarantee access.  Only students that are conducting research or creative activities under the direction of a faculty member will be considered for swipe key access. Student clubs or the leadership of student clubs will not be given access.

Process for Requesting Access

  1. Faculty member meets with student(s) and determines if access is appropriate and necessary.
  2. Faculty member discusses the request with his/her department chair.
  3. Faculty member and student complete and submit the appropriate forms (CNS&M Student Lab Access Forms).
  4. Student schedules and attends appropriate training session(s).  These sessions will be designed and conducted by Ms. Jennifer Sirbaugh and/or Mr. Dustin Robbins.
  5. Ms. Sirbaugh or Mr. Robbins submits the verification of training to accompany the request form.
  6. Approval or denial of request is forwarded to faculty member and appropriate department chair.

Important Points to Note:

  1. While not required it is recommended that the faculty member review expectations of use and behavior with students.  Students found to abuse the privilege will have their access revoked and may face discipline outlined in the Student Handbook.
  2. All students are expected to abide by the policies outlined in the Student Handbook and failure to do so will result in revocation of access.  This would include producing identification as requested by a member of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics faculty or staff, members of the University Police, or any faculty or staff member.
  3. Lab safety and securing are to be practiced at all times.
  4. Faculty members are required to provide contact information and assume the responsibility for the students.  If the faculty member is not on campus and in the building where the student is working the faculty member must identify another faculty member willing to accept the responsibility for the student(s) in the lab.  If a faculty member is not available the students must leave the laboratory.

Any student found to be working without a supervising faculty member present in the building will have his/her lab access revoked as will all other students working with that faculty member.

Please provide completed forms to Mr. Dustin Robbins or Ms. Jennifer Sirbaugh before training or have students bring the completed forms with them to their scheduled training. This will improve the overall access request process. It is the requesting person’s responsibility to ensure that the forms are completed.