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Mission Statement

Shepherd University, a West Virginia public liberal arts university, is a diverse community of learners and a gateway to the world of opportunities and ideas. We are the regional center for academic, cultural, and economic opportunity. Our mission of service succeeds because we are dedicated to our core values: learning, engagement, integrity, accessibility, and community.

Vision Statement

Shepherd: A Premier Public Liberal Arts University

We will be a nationally respected community of learners where passion, purpose, and experience unite to inspire individuals to shape the world.

Welcome from the Shepherd University President

Dear Students,

The start of the academic year is an uplifting time here at Shepherd – for you, our faculty and staff. The new academic year affords all of us a clean slate that we can fill with exciting courses, inspiring guest lectures, championship-level athletics, valuable volunteer projects, and memorable social, service, and recreational events.

First-year and Transfer students–welcome to Shepherd! You will find Shepherd to be a friendly and open campus where you will feel right at home.

Upperclassmen–we are glad you have returned to continue your studies at Shepherd! Please help our first-year students become acclimated to the campus as they begin their studies and life’s new adventure with us.

Shepherd prides itself on promoting civility; please use fair play and courtesy in your treatment of others — on campus as well as in your personal life.

Dedicate yourself to the pursuit of knowledge; aspire to make your family and friends proud of you and your accomplishments. You are the next generation of leaders and model citizens.

Become an active participant in the life of the campus through volunteer service, athletics (collegiate and intramural), and membership in Shepherd’s clubs and organizations. You will find that many of the skills you learn outside the classroom will aid you throughout your life and professional career.

I wish you a successful and productive academic year, and look forward to seeing you on campus!

Mary J.C. Hendrix, Ph.D. ’74
President of Shepherd University

Welcome from the SGA President!

To my fellow students, 

We have made it to yet another year here at Shepherd University and for our incoming freshmen a new chapter in your educational career. I am privileged to have the honor of welcoming everyone back to our beautiful campus and amazing faculty and staff that have done an excellent job at being cognizant of each student’s specific needs and accommodations.  

 Aside from our campus and staff, I want to take some time to highlight the community here at Shepherd. “Caring”, “Diverse”, and “Aware” are all descriptors of our student body. One that will make sure to respect you and what you go by, a student body that will stand up for you even when you feel you cannot, and one that will accept and treat you like family. As we continue to transition back to a normal collegiate experience, I encourage every one of you, whether this is your first year or last, to get involved. Our student body has committed itself to providing spaces for students to feel a sense of belonging, including affinity groups, community service organizations, social fraternity and sorority life, professional fraternities, etc. With the vast array of clubs and organizations to join, you will build meaningful connections wherever you go. No matter how you decide to take part in our tightly knit community, you will evolve and make so many impactful memories. We host an annual organization fair which serves as a valuable resource for those looking to get involved! One of my favorite things about Shepherd, and why I ran for SGA president, is to ensure that your voices are being heard.  

The Student Government Association here at Shepherd is the governing body for the entire student body, with senators representing student organizations who have your interests in mind. If you have any student concerns or if you want to see the proceedings yourself, we meet every Tuesday at 5 pm in the Storer Ballroom on the third floor of the Student Center. However, you have the power to make your voice heard not just through our SGA organization (though that’s a great start) but through you as a student. Whether that’s by creating a club dedicated to a specific need on campus or a relief group that helps bring students who have gone through similar trauma find a listening ear that understands them.  

As we head into another year let us reflect on this quote made by Mahatma Gandhi, and I paraphrase, “be the change, that you wish to see in the world”. 


Cameron Colwell

Student Government Association President

Welcome from the Vice President of Student Affairs!

Dear Students, 

It is time to kick off our 22-23 Academic Year at Shepherd University! I hope you have found time to relax over the summer and are ready to begin or continue your goal of obtaining a college degree, it is within your reach and we are here to help. The information provided in this student handbook will help you be a success at Shepherd.  Please understand that it is your responsibility to review and become familiar with this handbook; it will assist you in knowing your rights as a student, how to find resources and understanding policies and procedures. 

All students deserve to enjoy a positive experience at Shepherd, and in order to create an environment that will help you find success, we are fully committed to having our campus be a place where you will feel 

Students who follow the recommendations below experience a higher likelihood of success. 

Remember, you possess the ability to create your success through the opportunities at Shepherd.  Our faculty and staff want you to thrive in this environment.  We believe if you consistently engage, make connections, and prioritize your education, you will succeed. 

College will be full of challenges and excitement as you balance personal, professional, and educational demands while pursuing your degree.  However, the choices you make must be the ones that are the best for you. Utilize the resources and suggestions described in this handbook to assist you.  Do not hesitate to reach out to my colleagues and me.  

Best wishes for a successful year. We are quite anxious to kick off our new semester with you!  


Holly Frye

Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Community Relations

Welcome from the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dear Shepherd Students,

Greetings! Despite my strange and formal-sounding title, what I do at Shepherd is quite simple. My job is to keep us all focused on our guiding purpose—student learning and success. You have found a university where everyone wants you to grow and thrive. As our mission states, we strive to be a “gateway to the world of opportunities and ideas.” While you’re with us, I encourage you to be curious, explore a broad range of subjects, and challenge yourself. Seeking experiences that are new and unfamiliar to you will help you develop the two most important skills for life-long success: critical thinking and the ability to learn new things. Developing these skills will help you prepare for jobs that do not yet exist and acquire knowledge that has not yet been discovered.

This is your time to dream, grow, and learn.

Wishing you success,

Dr. Stephen Spencer

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Welcome From The Dean of Graduate studies!

Welcome to Shepherd University!  I send a warm welcome from the Division’s graduate faculty and staff.  Please use this Handbook as a valuable resource during your time as a Shepherd University graduate student.

We are committed to helping create a wonderful educational experience for all graduate students whether attending part-time or full-time.  The faculty work to create a graduate culture that commits to life-long learning and the appreciation of knowledge, embrace s strong scholarship and creativity, and values service to the community.  We create environments where students are learning with and from peers as well as their instructors.  We value the diversity of our students and our student-centered approach embraces the lived experiences that each student brings to the classroom.

As graduate students, we recognize the many life responsibilities each of you have.  We encourage you to get involved with opportunities within your academic programs and the University in general as your schedules permit.  These experiences as well as ones in the local communities can enhance classroom learning.

Know that that Program Coordinators and I are here to ensure you have a rich experience as you work to complete your Master’s or Doctoral degree.

Dr. Richard A. Stevens, Jr.

Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies