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Student Essay Contest

Student Essay Contest

Shepherd students are encouraged to enter the Common Reading Student Essay Contest.

The Prompt:

In the closing pages of The Third Rainbow Girl, Emma Copley Eisenberg writes, “I thought there was only ever a thing and its opposite, and nothing in between. In writing this book, I have come to believe in this far less than I did when I started. Unraveling and unlearning this split logic is crucial to justice, I think, and it is crucial to love—loving a person, community, or most of all perhaps, a place…” (303). The point she is making here—that the more you learn and grow, the more you come to understand nuance, complexity, responsibility, and then act accordingly—also speaks to the work a university does together. This insight connects this book to the lives of everyone in the Shepherd community. Thinking about this connection, pick an idea, theme, or story that Eisenberg tells and explain how a reader’s view of that idea, theme, or story might change after reading the book.

This prompt is big, so some of you might focus on just one of the ideas below (do not try to do them all!):

A winning entry does/has the following elements: