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Campus Student Conduct System


The Dean of Students Office works closely with the University Police to maintain student safety. However, the campus student conduct system process exists apart from and in addition to the West Virginia criminal justice system. Institutional discipline for any criminal offense is not dependent on prosecution or conviction in the state or federal courts. In addition to upholding the laws of the nation, state, and locality, students must uphold the Code of Conduct, fully outlined in the Student Handbook.

The campus student conduct system is designed to maintain safety, order and due process on campus.  Students charged with a violation are briefed on their due process rights on a University campus.  Students charged may choose an administrative sanction or a campus student conduct board hearing, where three impartial individuals will hear and decide the case.

The procedures and appeals process are outlined in the Student Handbook.  The maximum penalty assessed in the campus student conduct system is expulsion from Shepherd University and possible expulsion from other West Virginia public universities and colleges.   Other penalties include warnings, community service, mandated substance abuse and anger management education programs, restitution, restrictions, disciplinary probation, etcetera.