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Student Conduct Board

The Student Conduct Board is a body that can hear and decide student conduct cases.  Serving on your Student Conduct Board is an excellent way to promote citizenship, educate, advance the mission of your University, uphold fairness, foster a safe, healthy climate on campus, and advance your own knowledge and experience.  Service on the Board is personally rewarding.  It is a noteworthy experience to highlight on your resume, an experience that employers find impressive.

student handbook 2016-2017The Student Conduct Board welcomes all students -commuters, residents, traditionally-aged, non-traditionally aged- to apply.  Diversity of student members keeps the Board vibrant and representative of the University population.

If you apply and are accepted, you are placed on the Student Conduct Board Roster and are likely to be called to serve once or twice per academic year since numerous students are on the Roster.  Thus, the overall time commitment is minimal. However, prior to and during a hearing where you have agreed to serve, you must fully commit yourself and demonstrate the utmost reliability and punctuality.   The Board for a particular case consists of three individuals -one student, one faculty and/or staff member, and a faculty and/or staff chairperson. Sometime before you are asked to serve, you will be asked to participate in a training session; the training sessions may be individual or group oriented.

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Campus Student Conduct Board_Graduate Application