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2023 Student Awards

Shepherd University strives to be the gateway to the world of opportunities and ideas.   We are committed to the five core values of Learning, Engagement, Integrity, Accessibility, and Community.  We encourage our students to embrace these values, through leadership opportunities that foster, develop and strengthen positive leaders.

Each year students are recognized by clubs and organizations across campus who who embody these values, and who leave a lasting impression on members of the Shepherd Community.


Criteria: The Accounting Club presents this award to an outstanding senior who must be active member of club; have minimum 3.0 in major and overall GPA; must be a graduate of the current calendar year; and be selected by majority vote of active members.

Kayla Weller | Kayla has served as an active member of the accounting club since the fall of 2019. She is an accounting major and a business administration major with a concentration in financial planning. She has held the roles of secretary and vice-president and currently serves as the president of the club. She provides extraordinary leadership to the club during meetings and events. Through her organization and planning skills, Kayla exemplifies what it means to be a leader in an organization.


Criteria: Award given to a member who went above and beyond in the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority.

Madison Walker | Madison has been a part of Alpha Sigma Tau since the fall of 2020. Since joining, Madison has held multiple positions including Vice President of Community Relations and Vice President of Growth. With these multiple responsibilities, Madison has gone above and beyond in her roles. She is always willing to lend a hand to a sister in need. When looking through each one of our sisters Madison exemplifies our values of graciousness, respect, intellect, connections, and excellence. She has truly been an anchor in our chapter.

DELTA SIGMA PI: Capital Region Collegian of the year Award

Criteria: The Capital Region Collegian of the Year Award is presented annually to the one outstanding collegiate member of Delta Sigma Pi in the Capital Region who has exemplified the values and ideals of the Fraternity, and is presented based on nominations from collegiate chapters.

Savannah Garrett | Savannah was given this award by our fraternity’s Capital Region for her outstanding commitment and involvement in Delta Sigma Pi. Savannah was initiated into Delta Sigma Pi in the Spring 2021 semester, during a time in which involvement and recruitment was at an all-time low due to the pandemic. However, because of her hard work as our Vice President of Chapter Operations, the Epsilon Kappa chapter at Shepherd University received Chapter of Excellence, an achievement our chapter has not fulfilled in many years through our organization. Savannah is also the first brother from Shepherd University to receive this award since 2006, nearly 17 years ago. Our chapter is so thankful and grateful for Savannah’s hard work and accomplishments in our fraternity.


Criteria: The Office of Student Community Service recognizes students who have demonstrated exceptional involvement in community service through their office. Recipients must complete an exceptional amount of community service hours during an academic year, encourage others to become involved in community service opportunities/created community service opportunities and be active in at least one community service-based organization/club, tied to the Office of Student Community Service.

Olamide Adegbamigbe | Ola clearly has a heart of service! This is evident among anyone who meets him. He is a member of the Multicultural Leadership Team as well as a member of Wishmakers on campus. He actively volunteers in the Shepherd Ram Pantry as well as participates in Fall and Spring Into Service initiatives. He is a great role model for younger students because of his dedication. He has surpassed his required number of service hours for the year by choice and passion. If you see Ola on campus, there is a guarantee you will see him with a smile on his face and likely engaged in some kind of service activity.


Criteria: The Offices of Diversity and Equity, Social Equity, Inclusion, and Title IX, and Multicultural Student Affairs recognizes an outstanding student who inspires others to commit to creating a more inclusive campus community. The selected student is dedicated to promoting an awareness of cultural and diversity issues on campus as well as in the surrounding community. This student will have demonstrated an appreciation for a diverse climate and, moreover, worked to help others understand the importance of multicultural appreciation and social justice. The recipient will be selected by the Shepherd University Diversity and Equity Committee.  Criteria: Minimum 2.5 GPA, One letter of recommendation, Must have participated in campus activities that foster diversity and social justice.

Olamide Adegbamigbe | Olamide is an international student from Lagos, Nigeria who is a motivated and aspiring pre-medical student. He is completing his Bachelor of Science with Dual Majors in Biology and Data Analytics with a concentration in Biology, minors in Chemistry, and Computer and Information Sciences. Olamide has participated in internship programs with Health Sciences at West Virginia University and continues to work with genomics research with the Department of Biology at Shepherd University. He is also involved in the Multicultural Leadership Team, expanding his leadership skills and understanding of social justice issues. Olamide’s choice of majors in Biology and Data Analytics was inspired by his desire to understand the complexities of society from a clinical standpoint and the integration of epigenetic research in medicine. Some of his academic achievements have earned him memberships in several honor societies, including Phi Kappa Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Beta Beta. Olamide has also dedicated his time and effort to community service, volunteering at the Shepherd University Rams Pantry and assisting with the Cold Weather Shelter at Asbury Methodist in Shepherdstown. He aims to aid the creation of an inclusive community within his chosen career field and foster good health.


Criteria: The awardee epitomizes the qualities found in visionary leaders and community service heroes at Shepherd University. The award is for a student who characterizes “the definition of a servant leader” for the team of interns in the Office for Diversity and Equity. The student assists with developing and recommending policy, programs, initiatives and education for the awareness, improvement, and success in diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice.

Maya Garcia | Mahayana is a leader and inspiration to the Shepherd campus community. Maya has been the president of the Shepherd Environmental Organization (SEO) for the past three years. Maya is an Affinity Leader, a member of the Multicultural Leadership Team, Emerging Leader in Service, Emerging Leader in Action, captain of the cross-country team, and the program coordinator for Phi Epsilon. Maya engages the campus and community as a leader for social change and often can be seen on the C&O Canal doing the weekly clean ups, as well as campus clean ups, Kiwanis Club volunteer work, community outreach for SEO, and leading the event prep for yearly Earth Day celebrations at Shepherd. Maya was the 2020 Royal Ram, has obtained the Leadership for a Better World certificate, is the Co-founder of the first Environmental Honors Society at Shepherd, was awarded the Leadership award for the Environmental Science program, and was elected to be on the senior honors advisory board. Maya has made lasting change on campus by advocating for campus food services to change from using Styrofoam to biodegradable supplies and she also conducted a study on the environmental attitudes and behaviors of shepherd students. This year, Maya was also cast in my first live production at Shepherd University. Maya’s light shines bright on Shepherd’s campus and she brings positive energy into any room she enters.

Corey Disney | Corey, a resident of Westminster, MD, is a driven individual. Corey will soon achieve a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law Enforcement and a minor in Political Science. Corey is an intern in the Office for Diversity and Equity. He’s been involved with service organizations such as the Multicultural Leadership Team, Alpha Phi Omega, and Kappa Kappa Psi. Corey’s choice of major in Criminal Justice was inspired by the challenges to solve social issues and create equilibrium as resolutions. He excels in community service and always gives a helping hand to others in need. Corey has dedicated his time and effort to the University and the community, bringing a contagious smile to anyone he interacts with. Corey has been hired as a police officer for the Ocean City Police Department.


Criteria: Affinity Groups are student-led organizations formed around a shared underrepresented identity or common social concerns. The Affinity Leader Award recipient goes above and beyond to engage the campus community in action for social change, collaboration across affinity awareness, and promotion of an inclusive culture of respect on campus.

Kady Sanogo | Kady has served as a student leader on the board of several Student Affinity Organizations over her time as a student on Shepherd’s campus, including as the president of the Black Student Union, Global Shepherd Students, and served as a founding member and the Vice President for the Muslim Student Organization. Kady also has been a member of the Multicultural Leadership team for many years and has played a key role in inspiring collaboration and connection across Affinity initiatives and Multicultural Awareness on campus.


Criteria: The Selfless Service Award recognizes a particular student that demonstrates extreme compassion towards their peers and to the environment. They provide selfless service towards the organization.

Brady Bayne | Brady is an Environmental studies major with a concentration in aquatic studies. Brady is the secretary of the Shepherd Environmental Organization and attends all events and is a big helper in event planning. He constantly demonstrates extreme compassion towards his peers and to the environment. Brady is helpful, reliable, supportive, compassionate towards others and the environment, a team player and an overall great person.


Criteria: Award given to a member of Good Shepherd Catholic Campus Ministries (Catholic Rams) that exudes Christ love throughout campus

Zachary Lathwell | Zachary is a candidate for December 2023 graduation who hopes to continue his studies at WVU medical school. He is an active member of Catholic Rams and has been pivotal in the development and growth of the club since its revival this past Fall. He strives to make new members welcome. Zach can be found leading the Men’s weekly Bible Study and heard on the club’s regular podcast Catholic Coffee in the Morning.


Criteria: The Office of Residence Life recognizes anyone in Residence Life who consistently or notably exceeds their typical job expectations and has a deep investment for residential students. The recipient shows exemplary performance serving residents, supports and encourages fellow staff, and demonstrates keen ability to balance responsibilities.

Taylor Seitzinger | Taylor has countlessly gone above and beyond to comfort and support her team. I know I’m not alone in feeling as though the past year has been rough on some of the Shaw-Thacher staff, with some of us going through profound life changes. I have never felt anything but welcome in Taylor’s office nor felt more comforted by her constant support and presence within Residence Life and the Shaw-Thacher community.
Hannah Zajac | Whenever Hall Director Hannah is on duty, I know I am going to get beyond enough support if anything comes up. She is always willing to help and brings a cheerful attitude even to the more stressful situations. She consistently checks in with her Residence Directors during times of concern to make sure everyone is okay. She is truly an amazing person to work with.


Criteria: The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee recognizes a student leader who is an excellent role model, inspires others to work collaboratively and creatively, demonstrates initiative, promote a meeting that is respectful, collegial, and supportive, as well as fosters pride in Shepherd Athletics.

Conner Brown | Conner is a St. Maria Goretti High School graduate. He is the son of Courtney and Robert Brown and the brother of Brady Brown. Conner is a Biology Major with a minor in nutrition. While at Shepherd University, Conner has an exceptional grade point average as a McMurran Scholar, 2022-2023 SACC President, and Tau Sigma Member while being a member of the Shepherd University Soccer team.


Criteria: The Tau Sigma Honor Society recognizes a Shepherd transfer student who has displayed exemplary leadership qualities, academic excellence, and service to other transfer students and the campus community as a whole.

Felecia Feely| Felicia is a graduating senior Art/Graphic Design major, who has displayed Outstanding Transfer Student Leadership characteristics since transferring to Shepherd from Blue Ridge Community College in 2019. Felicia has been a member of Tau Sigma (an honor society recognizing the academic achievement of transfer students) for two and a half years and has served as the chapter President since August 2022. During her time as a Tau Sigma officer she has helped to increase transfer student visibility, campus involvement, and member participation; outside of school she has worked both on and off campus in art and design and enjoys exploring Shepherdstown. Felicia says, “My experience was a great one! I hope future students enjoy being at Shepherd University and look forward to joining different groups and organizations on campus!”

KAPPA DELTA PI: Outstanding Officer Award

Criteria: The Outstanding Officer award is given to a student who has consistently taken on leadership responsibilities and successfully fulfilled them to the betterment of the chapter.

Emily Baker | As the KDP International Honor Society in Education Vice President, Emily is an amazing organizer. Even though she is off campus with field placements most of the day, she has hosted and fulfilled the goals for a dress drive to benefit local high school students, co-hosted and sorted school supplies for the chapter school supply drive, and is on the planning committee for the annual community literacy carnival for area children. She is everything that an outstanding officer should be.

KAPPA DELTA PI: Distinguished Leadership Award

Criteria: The Distinguished Leadership Award is given to a student who has consistently taken on leadership responsibilities and successfully fulfilled them to the betterment of the chapter.

Olivia Gill | This is Olivia’s second year as the president of KDP International Honor Society in Education. While she is always a great leader, this past fall she went above and beyond by keeping things going smoothly without the support of the chapter’s faculty counselor who was on sabbatical.

KAPPA DELTA PI: Shepherding Award

Criteria: The Shepherding Award is given to a KDP member who has provided individual service to other teacher candidates in strengthening our professional community.

Julia Bivens | One of the things that is very important within the Education honor society is the support members provide to other Shepherd students. We would like to honor Julia with our Shepherding Award for her efforts as a tutor supporting the academic excellence of other Shepherd students.

KAPPA DELTA PI: Service Award

Criteria: The Service Award is given to an individual who provided significant service to the chapter, school, university, and community.

Karlie Hepner | Each semester the KDP International Honor Society in Education focuses on ways to provide service to others. Karlie is our nominee for the KDP Service Award for her ready participation in these events. She has been a willing participant in the High School Dress Drive and in our Card Making Project for the Canterbury Center.

KAPPA DELTA PI: Literacy Award

Criteria: The Literacy Award is given to an individual who demonstrates commitment to promoting the development of literacy skills needed for life long learning.

Skylar McAllister | Skylar has been instrumental this year in keeping the chapter pen pal program going into it’s 10th year. This program matches Shepherd students with fourth graders in a Title 1 School to exchange letters that provide an authentic forum for developing writing skills and encouraging elementary students to do well in school and set a goal now to attend college when they graduate from high school.

KAPPA DELTA PI: Volunteer of the Year

Criteria: The Volunteer of the Year Award is given to a KDP member who demonstrates dedication to making the world a better place through volunteer service.

James Rinker | James has faithfuly served as the KDP International Honor Society in Education’s chapter treasurer for the past two years, a role few people want to take on. He has even continued with these responsibilities through student teaching, a time when most officers step down. But of even more distinction, he has volunteered at nearly every event in need of a volunteer, within the chapter, within the school of education, and throughout the community. In fact, he has volunteered to judge 71, at last count, social studies fairs for area schools and school systems.

KAPPA DELTA PI: Graduate Recruit of the Year

Criteria: The Graduate Recruit of the Year Award is given to an individual initiated into KDP during the Academic Year who contributed actively to furthing the mission of KDP. other teacher candidates in strengthening our professional community.

Kayla Landsberger | Kayla has been selected as the KDP International Society in Education Graduate Student Recruit of the Year. Kayla accepted the position of chapter historian even before she was officially initiated and has continued in her role as an officer this semester. One can always see her volunteering at KDP events even when it means giving up her lunch break to be there.

KAPPA DELTA PI: Undergraduate Recruit of the Year

Criteria: The Undergraduate Recruit of the Year Award is given to an individual initiated into KDP during the academic year who contributed actively to furthering the mission of KDP.

Taylor Alpy | Taylor is a deserving recipient of the KDP International Honor Society Undergraduate Recruit of the year for her willingness to serve as the chapter’s SGA representative. She started attending meetings on our behalf even before she was officially initiated last fall and has continued her service this semester.


The Foundation Office would like to recognie the top three student clubs and organizations in the Shepherd University Giving Day, based on number of donors.

  1. Accounting Club
  2. Sigma Sigma Sigma and Sigma Tau Delta (an English Honory Society) – Tied
  3. Delta Sigma Pi

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