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Student attends National Millennial Community meeting in San Francisco

Mia Holland at eBay

Mia Holland, a communication and new media major from Harpers Ferry, represented Shepherd in meetings with major media and technology brands, including eBay, Kaiser Permanente, Visa, HawksBill Group, Google, Walmart, and Wells Fargo, as part of a trip to San Francisco organized by the National Millennial Community.

“At these companies, we discussed topics such as how millennials consume media, mental health stigmas, and brand perceptions,” Holland said. “I learned a lot from the trip. Not only was I able to learn from my peers and get their perspectives, but I was able to see what companies and industries interest me. Being a part of the NMC has helped me come out of my shell and improve my people skills. I’ve also started to narrow down the kind of career and job I’m looking for by participating in the conversations that were held.”

NMC is a think tank and international organization dedicated to changing the conversation around the Millennial and Gen Z generations and assisting organizations in adapting to these generations. It was founded by Bill Imada, chairman and chief connectivity officer of IW Group, Inc. NMC is a community of more than 300 students from 41 universities across the United States. Holland is president of Shepherd’s NMC chapter and a founding member of the university’s GenZ Council.

“For a communication major specializing in public relations and social media, this is a tremendous career-building, networking, and learning opportunity,” said Dr. Matt Kushin, associate professor of mass communications and advisor to Shepherd’s NMC chapter.