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Transforming Our Future

Shepherd University’s clearly defined mission focuses on its core values of learning, engagement, integrity, accessibility, service, and community, while Shepherd’s vision statement articulates the University’s position as a premier public liberal arts institution within a globalized society. Taken as a whole, these principles guide the operation of the institution, illustrating the University’s commitment to the public good and to the communities it serves. The University is the cultural and academic center for the region, fostering continuous lifelong learning within its community. Shepherd’s commitment to its community is made manifest in its recognition of and support for the great variety of individuals and groups served by the University. Respect, equitable treatment, and opportunity for all are fundamental to the University’s mission, and University operations focus on building and maintaining an environment in which each individual can achieve success.

Shepherd maintains the quality of its educational experiences through clear and high standards for its instructional offerings, regardless of modality or location of delivery. The University also takes great pride in its student support services. These services work to support the whole student, providing both academic and extracurricular assistance, while recognizing the many difficulties students face while pursuing their degrees.

Shepherd must effectively and efficiently use its resources to fulfill the institutional mission, and to improve the quality of the education it provides. Planning processes must strive to manage existing financial resources effectively, while working to develop new campus-based and external revenues. Goals must remain realistic in the face of resource limitations, while still allowing for ambition and growth. This will ensure that the institution can sustain its long-term strategic vision to serve as a premier public liberal arts university that successfully supports student learning.

As we look forward to the next five years, we must focus on innovative high-quality programs and initiatives that position our diverse community of students and alumni for continued success as leaders. The 2023-2028 Shepherd University Strategic Plan, Transforming Our Future, serves as the strategic roadmap that continues to allow Shepherd University to navigate the increasingly volatile landscape of higher education in a fiscally sound manner as we train the next generation of leaders and model citizens.

With best wishes and great expectations,
Mary J.C. Hendrix