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Storer Ballroom

The Storer Ballroom is the perfect venue for conferences, lectures, performances, and banquets. Located on the top floor of the Student Center, it is one of the larger venues on the Shepherd campus, seating up to 350 in a lecture-hall setup or up to 240 diners at tables.

The Ballroom is a light-filled space with windows on two sides providing ample daylight and (dimmable) chandeliers to light the room at night.

Blackout curtains may be drawn for better presentation viewing.
Double doors separate the Ballroom form a lobby with ADA accessible restrooms. The lobby has space for a coatroom and allows for two tables that may be used for registration or displays.

The room is equipped with a raised stage with stage curtain. The ADA-adjustable podium with laptop controls the optional A/V equipment (sound system, rear projection screen, and built in projector).

Maximum Occupancy: 350 people

To request hosting at Storer Ballroom, please fill out our Student Center Room Request Form.