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Spring 2021 Criminal Justice Lectures

All Criminal Justice Lectures are virtual through Zoom. 

Criminal Justice Lecture Series Zoom Link

Tuesday, February 2  at  7 p.m.

In Pursuit of Justice: Applied Criminal Justice Presentation Series

Please join us! The Department of Sociology, Criminology, and Criminal Justice at Shepherd University and the Department of Criminal Justice at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College will host retired Winchester, Virginia, police officer and current Criminal Justice Program coordinator at BRCTC, Craig Smith, a certified polygraph examiner, who will share insight and dispel common myths about the art and science of polygraph examination, as well as discuss how this tool is used in present-day criminal justice system activities.

Craig Smith retired from the Winchester Police Department after a 26-year career. During his time with the police department, Smith served in a variety of capacities including school resource officer, crime prevention officer, detective, crime scene investigator, polygraph examiner, canine officer, and supervisor. Smith’s last assignment before retirement involved spearheading the department’s hiring, training, and statewide accreditation process. Although retired, Smith has maintained his state law enforcement certification and remains a part-time employee of the Winchester Police Department

Wednesday, February 17  at  1:10 p.m.

Agent and Recruiter from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)

Department of Sociology, Criminology, and Criminal Justice will be hosting Assistant Special Agent in Charge Toni Crosby and Public Information Officer and Recruiter Amanda Hils from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) Baltimore Field Division. Crosby and Hils will discuss the role of the ATF as well as career paths within their agency.

Toni Crosby is the assistant special agent in charge for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) Baltimore Field Division. ASAC Crosby has been with the ATF since 2000, previously serving as a special agent in Maryland and then in leadership roles in the Denver Field Division and ATF Headquarters in D.C.

Amanda M. Hils is the public information officer and recruiter for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) Baltimore Field Division. PIO Hils has been with ATF since 2016, previously serving as a public affairs specialist with U.S. Department of Agriculture and in the U.S. Army.



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Fall 2020

Wednesday, November 18  at  1:10 p.m.

Tamatha Stitt, Special Victims Unit Investigator

TAMATHA STITT is an SVU Investigator with the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office, New York State. In her current position she is responsible for investigating major felonies, especially homicides, and for overseeing the witness protection and management program. Stitt is a sought-after speaker for her specialized expertise in utilizing social media and social engineering to find persons and assets. Through Stitt’s skill sets, numerous high-profile cases have been brought to  successful conclusions for countless victims.

Stitt’s career started as a police officer. She was selected to work undercover on prostitution and narcotics cases and continued performing undercover work for eight years. Soon after, Stitt started her own private investigation company where her forte in finding missing persons was honed. Stitt has worked with numerous agencies over the course of her career including the FBI and the United States Marshals. Please join us to hear about successful cases Stitt has closed, and to learn more about special victims investigations and the unique role that social engineering plays in aiding these investigations.


Monday, October 19

Opinion: Why the next generation of cops need a criminal justice degree
by Janay Gasparini, Ph.D.

Read Here


Wednesday, October 21  at  1:10 p.m.

U.S. Attorney Briena Strippoli

Briena Strippoli is a trial attorney who joined the Justice Department’s Office of Immigration Litigation (OIL) in 2007 after clerking for former Maryland circuit judge Kaye A. Allison. As an acting assistant director at OIL, Strippoli managed an appellate immigration litigation team conducting litigation in the U.S. Courts of Appeals on behalf of the U.S. Attorney General defending the Department of Homeland Security’s decisions to remove unlawful aliens from the United States. From 2011-2013, she was detailed to the Civil Division’s Aviation, Space, and Admiralty Litigation Section to join the Deepwater Horizon litigation team prosecuting BP and others for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Subsequently, Strippoli was detailed to the Commercial Litigation Branch’s Fraud Section where she worked as independent lead counsel and on trial teams investigating and litigating qui tams filed under the False Claims Act, including environmental, DoD, and healthcare fraud cases.

In 2018, Strippoli transferred to DOJ’s Environment and Natural Resources Division’s Wildlife and Marine Resources Section, where she litigates primarily in the U.S. District Courts cases related to wildlife statutes, including the Endangered Species Act, Animal Welfare Act, Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Captive Wildlife Safety Act, and the Lacey Act.


Wednesday, September 16  at  1:10 p.m.

Background Investigations and Law Enforcement Careers

Sergeant Tyrone M. Bond II, of U.S. Capitol Police, will provide an overview of the department and review the updated hiring process for new officers. His job includes protecting the U.S. Capitol Building, members of Congress, and all who visit the Capitol Complex in Washington, D.C. During his career, Bond has been honored to protect our most influential leaders at various historical events. Some of these events include the State of the Union Address, lying in state ceremonies, honor ceremonies, and Presidential Inaugurations. Bond also served as an escort for many high profile individuals visiting the Capitol, including the President and Vice President of the United States and foreign leaders and dignitaries from different countries.


Fall 2019

Spring 2019

Wednesday, March 27 at  12:10 p.m.

International Wildlife Trafficking

Keith Toomey, special agent in charge at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, will discuss the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement’s battle against international wildlife trafficking and its tie to transnational crime. Toomey will give a brief overview of the Office of Law Enforcement including its structure, mission, and personnel. He will touch on the regulation of the legitimate wildlife trade, but focus on the impact of the worldwide illicit trade and what is being done about it. Anyone interested in the field of federal law enforcement, conservation law enforcement, or transnational crime is welcome to attend.


Spring 2018

NCSA 2018 Pittsburgh

On April 7th, 2018 Dr. Anthony and Dr. Howard-Bostic presented their working paper on online teaching pedagogy titled, “Teaching Race and Racial Inequality in Online Courses.” They introduced their “Theory of Breaking Resistance” which proposes a pedagogy of teaching about race that involves synthesizing inter-ideological stances on racial integration as a way to encourage students to think deeper and more broadly about the existence and consequences of racial inequality.  Brooke Sowers, a student from Dr. Anthony’s senior thesis course, also presented her research at the conference on the relationship between obesity to bullying (“The Prevalence of Bullying among Obese or Overweight Adolescents”).



Fall 2017

Department Sponsored Events/Activities

Sept. 29/Oct. 2 Spring Mills High School and October 27/30 Martinsburg High School:

HELP BRIDGE(Partners: Berkeley County Schools/Berkeley and Jefferson County Boys and Girls Clubs) .
Chiquita Howard-Bostic will provide leadership training to 100+ local high school students as part of a diversity and leadership initiative.

October 17th, 7-9pm:

Teach-In on Human Trafficking (partner: Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce) Panel Discussion with four Breakout Sessions
Volunteers will help set everything up, hand out brochures, direct guests to proper location.

November 3rd in Washington, DC:

Students Present at Advena World International Conference . Dr. Howard-Bostic presents Keynote address about Service Learning. Nadine Stotler (undergraduate student) presents service learning research. Da’Shawn Long (undergraduate student) presents findings from study (SOCI 392: Co Op in Sociology)

November 4th:

NASA Robotics Lego League Tournament (Partners: NASA, Biology, and Lifelong Learners). Chiquita Howard-Bostic, Karen Rice, and Sytil Murphy partner to bring NASA tournament to Shepherds campus; students from Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan counties complete critical thinking, science, and robotics challenges

Agents for Social Change Project (partner: Student Affairs and Women’s Center/Shelter). Elementary schools in Berkley and Jefferson County will collect items for victims of domestic violence. Middle school youth: “Agents for social change” will come to campus to gather and package supplies with Shepherd students

 Sociology and Criminology Club Activities

KIVA Donations – Sociology and Criminology Club donated $340 for international business initiatives.
Campus-wide Service Project (partner: Asbury Church) – Collect school supplies for youth in Houston.
Soup Kitchen (Partner: ISO) – Immanuel House each Monday on Buxton Avenue, Martinsburg 5:45pm.  Donation: Collect hygiene kits for Christmas Giving (toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant, floss, band-aids, hand sanitizer, etc.).
Donate children’s items to BeeHive
Online Fundraiser for Relay for Life – Identify individuals to donate money using the Relay for Life website.


Spring 2017


Teach-In on Human Trafficking

teach-in on human trafficking was held on January 25th at Shepherd University as part of a series of events which highlighted January as “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.” The teach-in was held at the Robert C. Byrd Center for Congressional History and Education auditorium.  Presentations were given by experts on a panel, which included contributions by Dr. Howard-Bostic and the Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce.  Four breakout sessions were held afterward to allow participants to engage in discussions on how law enforcement, legislators, community members, and healthcare workers respond to human trafficking situations.


History Maker – Leadership Certificate. On February 16th, Howard-Bostic was recognized for her leadership in the local community at the South Middle School Black History Month Celebration in Martinsburg, WV.

KIVA Campaign

The Shepherd University Department of Sociology and Geography, Department of Political Science, Department of Psychology, and Student Affairs sponsored a fundraiser for Kiva, an international nonprofit that raises money online to loan to people in communities around the world. The Kiva Campaign was a campus-wide fundraiser that took place on Thursday, April 20. The money that was raised has been loaned to entrepreneurs through Kiva to help pay for a variety of needs. Crowdfund loans go to borrowers in more than 80 countries who are often financially excluded and can’t access other fair and affordable sources of credit. Kiva borrowers work in many industries and may be farmers, artisans, students, shopkeepers, builders, or restaurant owners.

Red Flag Bystander Intervention Campaign

More than 800 small red flags dotted the front lawn of Shaw Hall on Tuesday April 8th, symbols of a university-wide effort to raise awareness about dating violence on the Shepherd University campus.  The campaign was led by Chiquita D. Howard-Bostic, chair of Shepherd’s Sociology and Geography Department, Joseph W. Robbins, chair of the Political Science Department, Christopher Cobian, adjunct faculty, and Shepherd graduate, Kristin Leiter.

A faculty and student team organized the Red Flag Campaign against dating violence, which is a project of the West Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. The campaign encourages friends and other campus community members to speak up whenever they see warning signs of sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking in a friend’s relationship, according to the campaign’s website.

Social Science Day

The Social Science Day program was held April 5th.  The event was hosted by the Department of Sociology and Geography in order to allow 8th grade students in Berkeley and Jefferson County Schools an opportunity to be on campus while classes are in session.  Faculty and staff across the campus worked together to make the event a success. The event allowed students to sample both the academic and community life of Shepherd University.