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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

Shepherd University is a premier public university, grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, that prepares students for lifelong learning and success in their chosen pursuits and serves as a hub for academic, cultural, and economic opportunity. 

Vision Statement

Shepherd University will be a first-choice academic home with high-quality and innovative programs that position our diverse community of students and alumni for success as global citizens and leaders. 

Core Values 

Learning. Shepherd University is home to a community of learners who use scholarship, critical thinking, and curiosity to make meaningful contributions to the university and the world. Through rigorous coursework, experiential learning, and mentorship, we teach our students to lead by example. As a university, we serve our community and forge new paths in higher education.

Engagement. Shepherd University encourages students, faculty, staff, and members of the community to engage with diverse people, experiences, beliefs, and ideas, which promote critical analysis, intercultural competence, and self-expression. Exploration of intellectual, creative, service, athletic, and leisure pursuits is encouraged, having a cascading effect on the well-being of the participants, the campus community, the surrounding region, and the world. 

Integrity. Shepherd University strives for an environment of honesty and fairness. University officials seek input from students, faculty, and staff in making informed and objective decisions that benefit the campus community. We expect all members of our community to act with integrity, respect, accountability, and honesty. 

Accessibility. Shepherd University, in its commitment to respect and inclusion, strives to create a fully accessible campus. University governance and budgeting structures reflect our commitment to providing affordable educational programs and facilities through transparent, equitable processes and public access to information. 

Service. Shepherd University sees itself as an integral part of its community, and we prioritize giving our time and talent to a variety of worthy initiatives. Besides providing service opportunities campus wide, we encourage our campus community to volunteer for the causes that are important to them. 

Community. Shepherd University fosters a community built on respect, support, and the celebration of our similarities and differences. We embrace diversity of thought and identification and strive to create a safe environment where everyone is welcome. Our commitment to equity and inclusion is reflected in all we do. We treasure our ties to Shepherdstown and our surrounding communities, where we prioritize service, stewardship, and citizenship.