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Scantron Test Scoring Directions

Before you begin, please note:

Preparing the “Key” Test Sheet:

Scoring Printing & Options (at top of sheet): Choose one of these options as your choice for marking answers.

Key ID (at top of sheet): For use with multiple keys only (leave blank otherwise)

Marking Answers: Darken the letter answer to each question the students are to respond to on their test sheet. Be sure to use a #2 pencil and encourage your students to do the same).

Answer Key Information (right of answer sheet): Darken the numbers to indicate total items/answers referenced on test.

# of Keys (right of answer sheet): For multiple answer keys (leave blank otherwise)

Performance Assessment (right of answer sheet): Not all answer sheets have this option. This section is for use when an essay, or written answer is required on rear of answer sheet.

Number Correct/ Percent Correct/Roster Number (at bottom): This area indicates the number of correct answers of the total, the percentage that it represents, and where the location of the test sheet is within the pile.

Name (at Bottom): It is important to identify the test sheet separately, therefore we recommend that you write the word ”KEY” next to Name.

Inserting Tests to be Scored:
Loading the input tray and following the messages displayed on the operator panel are two tasks that are essential to basic scanner operation. The procedure for operating the scanner is simple.

If you have further questions, contact the IT Services Desk at 304-876-5457.