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Fill In Resume Basic Student Athlete Resume Example and Template
Resume Template with Tips Cover Letter Outline
Action Verbs Public Relations Resume Template

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Important Qualities of Any Resume

Think Relevance What you say on your resume should relate to your job objective or qualifications summary. You can include computer and/or technical skills or terminology from the field to which you’re applying.
Limit resume to one page Most of the time, recent college graduates do not have the experience to justify a two-page resume. If a second page is needed, put the most important information on the first page
Neat or organized NO spelling and/or grammatical errors
Use Action Words Avoid passive or weak phrases. use a thesaurus to assist you. Be consistent with display techniques, punctuation, and verb tense
Be Honest Do not exaggerate or make up job titles, contact your employer to verify appropriate title. Do not make up information because you may be asked to expand on this information in an interview
Avoid Abbreviations An employer may have the perception if you are willing to use ‘short cuts’ on your resume, you may take short cuts on the job
Do Not Include References They should be listed on a separate page. Only submit references if asked to do so by an employer
Resume Should Look Professional Use white, cream, or beige resume quality paper. No fancy fonts, or unusual bullets.
No Personal Information NO social security, marital status, number of children, sexual orientation, age, religion, gender, or personal photographs. relevant certifications or license should be included but NEVER your certification or license number
Font Size 10 minimum, 12 maximum; headings may be larger. Serif fonts have “tails” (Times New Romans). San Serif fonts do not have “tails” (Arial). Use only San Serif fonts on electronic resumes- they do not have “tails” that bleed and make it difficult to read/scan
Margins 1 inch (ideal); 1/2 inch (minimum)
DO NOT include high school information

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