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Reporting Wi-Fi Issues

NOTE: If the problem is with the registration wi-fi network, please make sure you have registered the device this semester before submitting a work order.

If the device has not been registered, and it is a laptop, smart phone, tablet or mobile device, please see the IT Service Desk. They are located in the Learning Commons area of the basement of the Library.

If the device is a desktop computer, game console, or device such as a Roku, Apple TV, smart TV or other such device, please submit the necessary information through our device registration page.

If the Wi-Fi connection issues are occurring in your residence hall room, see if you have a Wi-Fi Access Point in your room. This will be a white, square box mounted on the wall. If you do, make sure the network cable which must connect from the wall jack to the Access Point is connected. If it is not, please connect it or contact your Residence Assistant if you are unable to do so.

When submitting issues with a Wi-Fi (registration or SU-Guest) network, IT Services needs as much information as you can provide. This will greatly assist us in troubleshooting the problem. Please provide the following information: