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Registration Overview

The Schedule of Classes for each semester has information about advisement and registration procedures and dates for currently enrolled (continuing) students and others. The “Class Search” function with RAIL also provides a fast, dynamic, up-to-the-second means of searching and finding available courses.

Decide which of the categories below best describes you and then read pp. 2-5 of the Schedule of Classes to find the procedures you need to follow to register.

Registration Dates and Times

RAIL will be available for currently enrolled degree-seeking students during the time period detailed in the Schedule, during all hours except 4:00 am to 8:00 am Monday through Saturday, and 11:00 pm Sunday to 8:00 am Monday. Students who register during the two weeks prior to payment due, will not receive a bill in the mail, and must contact the Business Office (304-876-5284) to find out what they owe. Payment must be made by the due date listed in the Schedule. If payment is not made by this date, students’ schedules and housing assignments may be cancelled.

Late registration by RAIL is from 8:00 pm on the Friday before classes begin, through 4:00 pm on the Friday of the first week of classes. Late registration in person is conducted from 9:00 am-4:00 pm Monday through Friday of the first week of classes in Ikenberry Hall. Payment is due at the time of registration; no bill will be sent. A late registration fee of $25 will be assessed.

Web Registration Worksheets

The Web Registration Worksheet and the advisor’s copy can also be printed from this page in PDF format. Click on the page you need.

Alternate PINs