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Region III Training Schedule

Due to COVID-19 all trainings are currently being held via Zoom.  In order to participate in virtual training, the following criteria must be met: 

Have access to an electronic device (laptop, cellphone, tablet) and a high-speed Internet connection.
High-speed Internet will be a necessity to maintain connection and to hear and see what is happening. 

 Have reserved/protected space and time for training.
Please make arrangements for children to be cared for while you are in training.  This may require parents to participate in different rounds. 

Be willing to actively participate.
WV Foster/Adopt PRIDE Training is an interactive experience.  Taking part in the online training means that you are willing to be involved in the interactive nature of the training sessions in an online format, including being present on screen during active training times. If you are not on screen with the camera on throughout the ENTIRE training session you WILL NOT receive credit for attending the class.

The upcoming schedule of training rounds can be found below.  Click here for information regarding how to reserve your space in training.

Round 1
Pre-service PRIDE Training   **CLOSED**
Trainer: Angela Bender/ Co Trainer: Cara Price

Practice/Orientation Saturday, July 17       (9am-12pm)
Session 1 Saturday, July 24      (9am-12pm)
Session 2 Saturday, July 31      (9am-12pm)
Session 3 Saturday, August 7     (9am-12pm)
Session 4 Saturday, August 14   (9am-12pm)
Session 5 Saturday, August 21   (9am-12pm)
Session 6 Saturday, August 28   (9am-12pm)
Session 7 Tuesday ,  August 31    (6pm-9pm)   WEEKNIGHT

Trauma Training

Trauma 1 Saturday, September 11    (9am-12pm)
Trauma 2 Saturday, September 18  (9am-12pm)
Trauma 3 Saturday, September 25  (9am-12pm)

Registration Deadline: July 9, 2021

Round 2
Pre-service PRIDE Training       **CLOSED**
Trainer/Co Trainer: Bethany Chapell/ Sarah Anders

Practice/Orientation Thursday,  August 5    (6pm-9pm)
Session 1  Tuesday, August 10    (6pm-9pm)
Session 2 Thursday,  August 12   (6pm-9pm)
Session 3 Tuesday,  August 17     (6pm-9pm)
Session 4 Thursday, August 19    (6pm-9pm)
Session 5 Tuesday, August 24      (6pm-9pm)
Session 6 Thursday, August 26    (6pm-9pm)
Session 7 Tuesday,  August 31      (6pm-9pm)

Trauma Training 

Trauma 1 Thursday, September 2   (6pm-9pm)
Trauma 2 Tuesday, September 7      (6pm-9pm)
Trauma 3 Thursday, September 9   (6pm-9pm)

Registration Deadline: Friday, July 30, 2021

Round 3
Pre-Service PRIDE Training     **CLOSED**
Trainer/Co Trainer: Angela Bender/Sarah Anders

Practice/Orientation Tuesday, October 5    (6pm-9pm)
Session 1 Tuesday, October 12   (6pm-9pm)
Session 2 Tuesday, October 19   (6pm-9pm)
Session 3 Tuesday, October 26   (6pm-9pm)
Session 4 Tuesday, November 2  (6pm-9pm)
Session 5 Tuesday,  November 9  (6pm-9pm)
Session 6 Tuesday, November 16   (6pm-9pm)
Session 7 Tuesday, November 23  (6pm-9pm)

Trauma Training 

Trauma 1 Tuesday, November 30       (6pm-9pm)
Trauma 2 Tuesday, December 7       (6pm-9pm)
Trauma 3 Tuesday, December 14      (6pm-9pm)

Registration Deadline: Friday, September 24, 2021

Round 4
Pre-Service PRIDE Training **CLOSED**
Trainer/Co Trainer: Melissa Smallwood/Sarah Tawzer Hegenbart

Practice/Orientation Saturday, October 9       (9am-12pm)
Session 1 Saturday, October 16      (9am-12pm)
Session 2 Saturday,  October 23    (9am-12pm)
Session 3 Saturday,  October 30    (9am-12pm)
Session 4 Saturday, November 6   (9am-12pm)
Session 5 Saturday, November 13   (9am-12pm)
Session 6 Saturday, November 20   (9am-12pm)
Session 7 Tuesday,  November  23    (6pm-9pm)    WEEKNIGHT

Trauma Training

Trauma I Saturday , December 4      (9am-12pm)
Trauma II Saturday , December 11      (9am-12pm)
Trauma III Saturday , December 18      (9am-12pm)

Registration Deadline: Friday Oct 1 , 2021

Round 5
Pre-service PRIDE Training  **CLOSED**
Trainer: Suzie McCoy/Co Trainer: Carrie Shrout

Practice/Orientation Wednesday, October 13    (6pm-9pm)
Session 1 Monday, October 18          (6pm-9pm)
Session 2 Wednesday , October 20   (6pm-9pm)
Session 3 Monday, October 25           (6pm-9pm)
Session 4 Wednesday, October 27     (6pm-9pm)
Session 5 Monday, November 1         (6pm-9pm)
Session 6 Wednesday, November 3  (6pm-9pm)
Session 7 Monday, November  8       (6pm-9pm)

Trauma Training

Trauma I Wednesday, November 10    (6pm-9pm)
Trauma II Monday, November 15          (6pm-9pm)
Trauma III Wednesday, November 17    (6pm-9pm)

Registration Deadline: Friday, October,8, 2021