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Permission to Record Lecture Accommodation

There are many options to record lectures to assist you with note-taking. Whatever way you decide to record lectures; it is very important to let your professor know your method when you share your accommodation letter with them. Most professors do not allow cell phones to be used in the classroom and laptops for notetaking only, so please share with them your accommodation needs. Below are listed some possibilities. Please try them, research, and find what works best for you prior to using them in the classroom. Below are examples of ways to record lectures:


Small Recorder: For recording the lecture and playing back at a later date to supplement points that you may have missed during your note-taking, it is best to purchase a small recording device with a timer feature. They often come with a USB cord in the event that you want to download them to your computer. This will allow you to go to a specific time such as 23 minutes into the lecture to determine what you may have missed or did not understand during class.

One Note App from Microsoft: One Note is an application that provides a talk-to-text feature that you use on your laptop as a recording device. This will require you to go into the settings on the app after looking up the best settings for your device. This application is free through your Shepherd University email, Apple and Android devices.

There are many tools on the taskbar for edits, so practice and see what works for you. Remember to turn your volume up when recording your lectures. Try to practice using the app by recording a video online. This will help you get familiar with the options to help you prepare for class notetaking. This app will require you to edit all punctuation. If it cuts off during recording, then the settings need to be changed. This is an app that provides a talk-to-text feature and works with your laptop to record the lecture. These notes can be easily searched. It can be used to take notes, transcribe existing records, as well as review, edit, and organize recordings.  The basic account is free and when you open the app you can easily find features and create files/folders. For Apple, Android, and PC.

Voice Recorder App: A free app that allows you to record with no time limit. Available on Apple and Android devices.

Voice Memo App: A free app that makes recording lectures easy. Editing tools are available such as trim and replace to help fine-tune recordings. Only available on Apple devices.

Cell Phone: You can record on your cell phone if absolutely needed, but only temporarily, as it is not recommended since professors require them to be put away during class. If your cellphone is used, it is highly recommended that your professor know that you are recording the lecture. Cell phone recordings can be converted to written notes via Otter ai.