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Advance your career with a Regents Bachelor of Arts: Perfect for working adults! 

The Regents Bachelor of Arts (R.B.A.) degree provides a flexible means for adult students to complete regular college work and to receive college equivalent credit for selected diverse work and life experiences and military service. In this degree completion program, there is no major or minor, but students can take an emphasis that focuses on a specific discipline or area of interest.

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Why Regents Bachelor of Arts?

The Regents Bachelor of Arts Is Perfect For:

Emphases of Study

Students may choose one of the following as the focus of their R.B.A. education.

Administration of Justice
The R.B.A. Administration of Justice Emphasis prepares students for success and career advancement in fields related to structure, functioning, and processes in criminal justice in our society. Courses provide the skills and content necessary to understand the context for 21st-century practical and technical development of leadership, supervision, and advocacy work. The Administration of Justice emphasis is an interdisciplinary emphasis that uses justice as a framework to sustain and promote the growth and development of individuals and communities: politically, economically, and socially.

Agricultural Entrepreneurship
The R.B.A. Agricultural Entrepreneurship Emphasis will provide students with specialized content knowledge in the areas of environmental science, business administration, management, and agricultural science while also developing skills necessary to successfully launch an agricultural enterprise.

The R.B.A. Business Emphasis prepares students for success and career advancement in a wide variety of fields that require managerial acumen. Foundational courses in economics and accounting give students the broad knowledge they need to understand contemporary business, while more specialized courses in management, communications, marketing, ethics, and business law provide useful knowledge.

Global Studies
The R.B.A. Global Studies Emphasis is appropriate preparation for graduate studies in a range of professions, particularly the government and non-profit sectors. Although it is not required, it is recommended that students pursuing the global studies emphasis consider taking study abroad and foreign language courses.

The R.B.A. Health Emphasis prepares students for graduate studies programs and work in a range of professions, particularly health and health-related fields. The health emphasis supports holistic, lifelong learning for both personal and professional growth.

Human Services
The R.B.A. Human Services Emphasis prepares students for the work world, particularly for social services, by developing skills such as critical thinking, information management, problem-solving, and ethical reasoning. Students will gain a foundation for success in a wide range of professions in both the private and public sectors.

Risk Management and Insurance
The R.B.A. Risk Management and Insurance Emphasis prepares students to understand, analyze, and minimize risk, skills that are necessary in today’s business world. Students will gain both quantitative and behavioral skills that will prepare them for a wide variety of careers. 

Social Issues
The R.B.A. Social Issues Emphasis prepares students for success and career advancement in fields related to government agencies, social services, nonprofit institutions, health care, and law enforcement. Courses provide the skills and content necessary to understand 21st-century social services.

Sustainable Food Production
The R.B.A. Sustainable Food Production Emphasis prepares students with the theory, practice, and real-life experience needed to manage or launch a successful sustainable agriculture production enterprise.