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Research Exposure Reaction Paper

Use the form below to submit a reaction paper for the PSYC 101 Research Exposure Requirement. See the handout you received at the beginning of the semester for complete instructions on writing reaction papers. A PDF version of this handout is available from the main Research Participation web page.


Be sure to carefully enter your name and e-mail address–these are used to look you up in the Sona system so that you may receive credit. Each reaction paper is worth one Research Exposure credit.

The safest way to submit the text of your reaction paper is to write it on your computer using a text or word processing program and then copy and paste the text into the box below. You won’t need to include your name or any other information–all of this is automatically included. Your paper must be at least 650 words long.

When you are ready to submit your paper, double-check that you’ve correctly filled in your name and e-mail address and have clicked the button next to the article you’re writing about. Then, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.