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Psychology Club and Psi Chi


Welcome to the official web home of the Shepherd University Psychology Club and our chapter of Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology.

Psychology Club

Membership in the Shepherd University Psychology Club is open to any Shepherd student interested in the field of psychology.

To join, just get in touch with one of this year’s officers (below), or with our faculty advisor, or visit us on Rampulse and ask to be added.

2022-2023 Psychology Club Officers

President: Holly White <>
Vice President: Julius Gamber <>
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Vacant

Faculty advisor: Dr. Lindsey Levitan <>

Psychology Club Mission

The objectives of the Psychology Club shall be to promote interests in psychology through events, activities, and social interactions between students, faculty, and the community, allowing members to explore psychology outside of the classroom setting.

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the international honor society in psychology. Each semester, the faculty advisor receives a list of eligible students from the University Registrar and those students are invited to join. If you think you might be eligible, and do not receive an e-mail invitation during the second or third week of classes, then you may contact the faculty advisor.

Eligibility requirements

Visit the Psi Chi national organization’s web site for more information:

2023-2024 Psi Chi Officers

President: Mackenzie Wincovitch <>
Vice President: Ava Decatur <>
Secretary: Tabetha Buck <>
Treasurer: vacant
Historian: vacant

Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Lovelace <>

Funding opportunities

Psi Chi members are eligible for research and travel awards and grants from the Psi Chi national organization. Notably, research grants for Psi Chi members preparing for Senior Thesis are available that can provide funding to assist with your project, up to $1,500 (depending on the specific grant). These are available through the national Psi Chi organization, and are described on their website, here:

For example, Psi Chi members who will be taking Senior Thesis in the spring semester can apply for an Undergraduate Research Grant, which has a November 1st deadline. This is a 6-page APA-style application that can be easily adapted from your PSYC 484 proposal.

Psi Chi members who would like to present their research at the Southeastern Psychological Association annual meeting can apply for a Southeastern Regional Award. (Note that, while our students and faculty often attend the Eastern Psychological Association meeting, West Virginia is in the Psi Chi Southeastern region.)

Publish your results in the Psi Chi journal

Psi Chi members are eligible to submit the results of their research for publication in the Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research. Come by my office to borrow a copy to see what sorts of research other Psi Chi members are publishing.

Find a Job

Search the Psi Chi Career Center at for employment opportunities in psychology locally and across the nation.