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Capstone Online Resources

IRB Forms

Obtain blank IRB forms and instructions for completing them from the IRB Web site.

Psychology Department Participant Pool Policies and Procedures

Department Participant Pool Policies and Procedures – If you wish to recruit participants from the participant pool, these are the rules you need to follow.

Lit Search Resources

Having a reference manager program to help you keep track of journal articles and other sources can be extremely helpful. Dr. Lovelace uses Bookends on the Mac. A popular program for Windows is Endnote. Both of those are a little pricey. For a free option, try Zotero.

Unpaywall: Install this extension in your web browser (e.g., Google Chrome) and a green lock icon will appear on any page with a DOI pointing to an article that’s available somewhere on the web for free. Click that icon to go to the free version of the article.

Poster Examples

You may search the Psychology Department’s Facebook page for past poster pictures.

Online Writing Resources

APA Style Guide Online Help
What can I say? The online site by the folks who, quite literally, wrote the book on APA style.

Shepherd University Academic Support Center
See the links for Student Resources as well as the Tutor Scheduling page to schedule a writing tutor. (Under Student Resources, I advise you NOT to use their APA writing resource guide. Things like that which don’t come from APA, as the Style Guide above, can be unreliable.)

Advice on Writing & Plagiarism
Plagiarism advice from the Teaching in Psychological Science (TIPS) e-mail list, collected by the Skidmore College Psychology Department. In particular, read the 10 Commandments of Paper Writing by Dr. Edward I. Pollak. That’s written in a humorous voice, but don’t let that fool you. The advice is rock solid.

Journals That Publish Student Research

Journal of Psychological Inquiry
The author must be an undergraduate student.

Modern Psychological Studies
The primary author must be an undergraduate student.

The Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research
The primary author must be an undergraduate student who is a
member of Psi Chi.

Der Zeitgeist: The Student Journal of Psychology
Authors must be either undergraduate or graduate students.

Survey Construction

A Brief Guide to Questionnaire Development By Robert B. Frary, jhosted by Indiana U.

Optimal number of response categories in rating scales: Reliability, validity, discriminating power, and respondent preferences Preston and Colman, 2000, Acta Psychologica

Links to Measures

Psycholinguistic Database Housed at the University of Western Australia, this database will allow you to look up frequency, concreteness, imagability, and many other characteristics of English words.

Research Randomizer This web site is designed to assist researchers and students who want an easy way to perform random sampling or assign participants to experimental conditions.

Self-Report Measures of Adult Attachment This site contains several measures of adult attachment by Phillip Shaver and Chris Fraley.

General Perceived Self-Efficacy Includes not only general perceived self-efficacy, but several other related scales.

Sheldon Cohen’s Perceived Stress Scale Includes links to both the 4-item and the 10-item versions in English as well as several translations. (Click on “Scales” on the left side of the page.)

Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (RSQ) Includes the RSQ.  A a children’s version (CRSQ) and a racial version (RSQ-R) are also available.

The Revised Cheek and Buss Shyness Scale (RCBS) Site includes both a 13-item and a 20-item version of the scale.

Aspects of Identity Questionnaire Another scale by Jonathan Cheeks. Measures the relative importance that individuals place on various identity attributes or characteristics when constructing their self-definitions.

Psychological Tests for Student Use This site includes links to a number of scales. These include: