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Each Psychology major is assigned one of the Department faculty members as their advisor. (Log into RAIL to find out who your advisor is.) It is each student’s responsibility to schedule an advising appointment with their faculty advisor during the advising period. Use the resources linked below to help make your advising appointment more productive.

Advising Notes for Fall 2021

In addition to the new elective class Psychology of Women being offered this summer (see below), we will be offering two new elective classes this fall. All will count as free electives toward a major or minor in Psychology.

PSYC 399A Persuasion and Social Influence
This 3-credit elective, taught by Dr. Lindsey Levitan, explores how people can change each other’s attitudes and behavior through persuasion and social influence.  The course examines the structure of attitudes, psychological routes to persuasion, and factors that increase persuasion and resistance to it.  It additionally examines social influence without direct persuasive attempts, including conformity, compliance, obedience to authority.  There is a focus on applications to political attitudes and behavior, social movements, and advertising.

PSYC 399B Introduction to Forensic Psychology
This course will be taught by doctoral candidate in forensic psychology, Prof. Stephanie Purdy. It will be listed in the schedule of classes soon. This is an introductory course providing students with an overview forensic psychology, including basic beliefs, practices, and procedures. Students will explore subspecialties of forensic psychology; roles and responsibilities; and related legal, ethical, and diversity issues. This course will cover a broad spectrum of the various areas that involve law and psychology. Students will briefly learn behaviors and obtain a greater insight of theories and concepts as they relate to forensic psychology.

Advising Notes for Summer 2021

This summer, we will be offering two different Group II electives for Psychology majors and minors, both during the Summer A session. Both will be offered as traditional asynchronous online (OLA) classes.

Dr. Dobish will also be teaching an OLA section of PSYC 340 Lifespan Developmental Psychology in Summer A.

We will also be offering two wonderful special topics courses that can be used as free electives in both the Psychology major and minor. These course may also be useful for students in other programs.

PSYC 399A ST:Psychology of Women

This 3-credit elective course will be taught by professor EmiLeigh Whitehouse and examines biopsychosocial theories of sex differences and conceptions of gender. It will discuss theoretical perspectives on gender (including intersectionality theory, feminist theory, and queer theory), the differentiation of sex versus gender, gender similarities, conformity, stereotypes, social roles, masculinity, sexism, feminism, media influence, and historical and contemporary images of women. This class will connect the psychological literature to real life by systemically applying these concepts to observations in the world around us. 

PSYC 499A ST:WV Recovery Coach Academy

Leadership WITH Coaching:  Recovery and Life Coaching

This 3-credit elective class, taught by WV State Senator John Unger, will enhance the skills of those individuals who support people on their life journey. This groundbreaking, game changing training is one of the best available for anyone interested in recovery/ life coaching by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to guide, mentor and support others through their own transition, recovery and growth process. It prepares participants by helping them actively listen, ask appropriate questions and discover ways to manage their own issues while providing resources to others. There are no course prerequisites and enrollment is open to all. There is no additional cost to participants beyond Shepherd University tuition. Participants have one calendar year to complete at least 16 clinical hours after which they may be certified as a WV Recovery Coach/Life Coach.

Answers to Psychology Advising Questions

While your academic advisor can answer many of your questions, another great resource is the Psychology Major Frequently Asked Questions page. Have a look there for many common questions asked by Psychology students.