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SU_Psych091015-101sEach Psychology major is assigned one of the Department faculty members as their advisor. (Log into RAIL to find out who your advisor is.) It is each student’s responsibility to schedule an advising appointment with their faculty advisor during the advising period. Use the resources linked below to help make your advising appointment more productive.

Advising Notes for Fall 2020

Deliberative Dialogue Workshop for Leaders

PSYC 399A ST: Deliberative Leadership will explore the way we see and talk about problems and how that affects the way we work on problems. Democratic practices are the actions of strong citizens. Students will learn theories of deliberation and will practice making arguments through deliberative dialogue and facilitate community discussion, all relevant skills for any leader at any leadership level. This course is co-taught with Senator John Unger and Dr. Heidi Dobish (Psychology Department) and is perfect for people interested in leadership, communication, civic engagement with diverse communities and cultures.

Humanistic Psychology

Dr. Merz will once again be teaching his popular PSYC 382 Humanistic Psychology class. You will have a chance to explore a more positive side of human behavior by exploring the ideas of humanistic psychologists such as Carl Rogers, Leo Buscaglia, Viktor Frankl, Harold Greenwald, and Abraham Maslow. Contact Dr. Merz for more information and for permission to enroll in this class.

Psychology Practica

If you are interested in practicum (internship) experiences in psychology, have a look at the Psychology Practicum page.

Answers to Psychology Advising Questions

While your academic advisor can answer many of your questions, another great resource is the Psychology Major Frequently Asked Questions page. Have a look there for many common questions asked by Psychology students.