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Academic Advising

Each Psychology major is assigned one of the Psychology Program faculty members to serve as their academic advisor. (Follow these instructions to find out who your advisor is.) Make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor during the advisement period listed in the Academic Calendar. Use the resources linked below to help make your advising appointment more productive.

Advising notes for Fall 2024

Note re: spring 2025 PSYC 361
Dr. Lovelace will be away for the spring 2025 sesmester, so PSYC 361 Biopsychology won’t be offered. Students graduating in May 2025 who still need their biological basis of behavior class should take PSYC 365 Drugs & the Brain this fall.

PSYC 326 Psychology of Addiction
This course, formerly titled Psychology of Substance Abuse, will be taught by former WV state senator and current member of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy John Unger. The course focuses on the psychological aspects of recovery from addiction. Prof. Unger hopes to bring in some amazing guest speakers who will address many aspects of the psychological, societal, and legal impacts of drug use and addiction.

PSYC 499 Persuasion and Social Influence
This 3-credit elective, taught by Dr. Lindsey Levitan, explores how people can change each other’s attitudes and behavior through persuasion and social influence.  The course examines the structure of attitudes, psychological routes to persuasion, and factors that increase persuasion and resistance to it.  It additionally examines social influence without direct persuasive attempts, including conformity, compliance, obedience to authority.  There is a focus on applications to political attitudes and behavior, social movements, and advertising. (We expect this course will be cross-listed with BADM and so may count for those who also have a Business Administration double-major or minor.)

PSYC 499 Introduction to Counseling Techniques
This 3-credit elective will be offered by Dr. Ann Wendle and cross-listed with the graduate-level CSDA 570 class. That course provides an introduction to individual and group helping and advising in higher education environments. This course focuses on the application of micro-counseling skills to various populations in a variety of college settings.

Psychology Practica (PSYC 211, 312, 313)
Practicum (internship) experiences in psychology offered by the Psychology Program include helping faculty with their ongoing research and interning with local mental health service providers. Visit the Psychology Practicum page for more information.

Answers to Psychology Advising Questions

While your academic advisor can answer many of your questions, another great resource is the Psychology Major Frequently Asked Questions page. Have a look there for many common questions asked by Psychology students.