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Proofpoint Performance

Snapshot date: August 8, 2016

General Company Information

Area of Industry: Network Security
Stock Market Symbol: PFPT
Web Address:
City, State: Sunnyvale, CA
Fiscal Year End: December 31

Stock Price Information

Trend Current Previous
UP Stock Price: $73.94 Stock Price: $67.84
down 52 week low price: $35.56 52 week low price: $45.08
UP 52 week high price: $76.83 52 week high price: $75.46
August 8, 2016 December 9, 2015

Contact Information

Direct or VAR: Direct
Representative’s name: Christine Shaw
Representative’s email:
Office phone number: 408-338-6774

Original PO/Contract Date: 7/1/2000
Newest PO/Contract Date: 7/7/2015
Total Under PO/Contract: 1

Items Purchased Information

Number Type Where Orig. Date Orig. Cost Discount %
1 P360 CCA1 n/a $2,796.50 30%


Number Type Orig. Cost Current Cost Variance %
1 Spam Detection n/a $7,845.35
2 NetMILX – Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation n/a $5,669.55
3 Messaging Gateway n/a $0.00
4 Bronze Level Support n/a $0.00

Recommendation and additional information

Recommendation: Stay Put

Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.
Have used for multiple years, with multiple devices. Superior support.
No desire or direction to change.

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