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Project Request Form

The IT Services Project Request Form is the first step needed to initiate any IT Services project. This process will help us determine how IT can best serve your needs and help you meet your goals.

** NOTE: This form is used for the creation of a project in conjunction with the IT Services department. A project is defined as:
1. Changing a process, procedure, or upgrading a major crucial system
2. The time frame is longer than a couple of days
3. May affect all or a significant portion of the campus
4. Is not an Audio Visual request. See text immediately below.

* For Audio-Visual requests, please use the Audio Visual Services Request page on the menu to the left. The Project Request Form does not collect all the pertinent information needed.*

For incidents needing immediate attention, send an email to to create a work order in our system for quick action. If this is a project instead of an incident, someone from IT Services will contact and work with you. **

Please fill out the form to the best of your ability; even if you don’t have all the information or if you’re not exactly sure what’s needed. We’ll work together to clarify your requirements and ensure the solution meets your expectations.

Faculty, staff and administrators may submit project requests through the form below.

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