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D.N.P. Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

The goal of the DNP program is to prepare a nurse clinician who can work well in the current environment while promoting change and improvement.  This program provides distance accessibility with some limited on-campus presence. The program may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

 After completing the program, the DNP student will:

Outcome 1:  Critically appraise current scientific findings and theories to enhance the practice of nursing and health care.

    • Evaluate strengths, limitations, and health disparities in current health care systems, especially vulnerable populations.
    • Integrate current theoretical and research literature to impact positively the quality of health care.
    • Construct and evaluate new approaches to practice, utilizing a collaborative interdisciplinary approach.

Outcome 2:  Translate and utilize evidence-based practice and information systems to promote optimal health in vulnerable populations, diverse settings, and systems.

    • Use databases, information technology, and research methods to participate in data collection that generates and evaluates evidence-based practice.
    • Design effective methods for the empowerment of health care consumers that encourages active participation in their own health care.
    • Evaluate, apply, and revise evidence-based practice protocols to promote wellness.
    • Use analytical methods to design, implement and evaluate best practices to meet current and future needs of patients or for patient care and systems of care.
    • Effectively lead quality improvement and patient safety initiatives to ensure safety and quality health care for patients and vulnerable populations.

Outcome 3:  Assume leadership roles and collaborate with other professionals to effect changes within complex systems.

    • Propose and implement ongoing changes in delivery approaches to promote quality, safe care.
    • Impact the ethical, economic, social, and political issues that affect health care outcomes at local, regional, and/or national levels.
    • Apply information systems and patient care technology for the improvement and transformation of healthcare.
    • Lead inter-professional teams in efforts for improving patient and population health outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Outcome 4:  Pursue clinical scholarship and scientific inquiry to transform health care practice and systems.

    • Demonstrate accountability for and utilization of evidence-based practice.
    • Advance the practice of nursing through scholarship, mentorship, and leadership efforts.
    • Disseminate results of evidence-based practice protocols, systems changes, and health care initiatives for health disparities and vulnerable populations.
    • Advance the effective use of health care information systems to assure high quality health care outcomes for vulnerable populations.

The DNP program adheres to the standards identified by the AACN entitled the Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Practice Nursing (DNP Essentials). The DNP Essentials identifies standard foundational curriculum content and outcomes-based competencies essential for all DNP graduates.