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Programming by students for students . . .

A subcommittee of the Student Life Council at Shepherd, Program Board (PB) is made up of student leaders who create community on campus by sponsoring diverse, inclusive programming to educate, entertain, and engage students. Program Board Executive Leadership Team members develop strong leadership skills and learn how to plan, market, and assess diverse cultural, recreational, educational, and community-building programs. Program Board’s efforts support the core values of the University and the Division of Student Affairs: student learning; engagement; integrity; accessibility; community; social justice/diversity; and retention.

To contact us, stop by our office in the Student Center Room 110 (just off the Rumsey Gallery on the 1st floor), call 304-876-5326, or check us out on Facebook or RamPulse.

VIDEO: Get with the Program!

                                               Meet the Staff!

Madi Welder

A senior at Shepherd University receiving a regional bachelors of arts degree. This makes her second year of being on staff and this fall semester of 2018 will make her third semester of being chair. Her reason for joining was, ” The reason that I joined the team was to gain experience in both a campus related organization, and also in the aspect of building self relations with other campus organizations as well as the students on campus. I also enjoy being a part of a team who not only brings events to students, but also a safe environment for them to feel comfortable about themselves and to branch out to meet new people.”

  Greysen Lingg

A senior, or as she calls it her victory lap, at Shepherd University studying business administration. She is now a part of our staff as the Vice chair and her reason joining program board is, “I joined program board because I wanted to get more involved and find a way to make sure opinions were heard for events

              Sarah Burke

A senior at Shepherd University studying Mass Communication and New Media. She has been brought onto the staff as the marketing Chair and her reason for joining is, “I joined program board to get involved in a fun organization that would help me gain knowledge about marketing, event planning, and social media.”



A sophomore art education major here at Shepherd university. Her reason for joining our team is, ” I joined program board because I liked the sense of community it brought to shepherd campus.”

Kris Young

A junior computer information technology major here at Shepherd University. His reason for joining our team is, “I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people.”

                                                                                                                                                                      Valentina Preciado Bello

A junior mass communication major here at Shepherd University. Her reason for joining program board is, ” I joined PB because I wanted to meet new people, be more engaged on campus, and educate people about my culture!”

Antoinette Wimbish

A junior at Shepherd University majoring in Social work. This will be her second semester in program board and her reason for joining was, “I loved the energy the team brings and I am able to be involved in campus relations as well as getting other students involved as well.”

                                                                                                                                                                                 Nikki Johnson

A senior at Shepherd University studying mass communication concentrated in new media. This will be Nikki’s first time as a programmer and the reason she joined was, ” To gain experience in event planning to help boost me into the field of public relations, which is what I ultimately want to do once I graduate.”

                                                                                                  Noelle Jeffery

A sophomore at Shepherd university studying biology with a concentration in ecological sciences. This will be Noelle’s first semester as a programmer and her reason for joining is, “I joined program board to be involved around campus as well as being involved with a great group of people.”

       Jasmine Ingram

A senior at Shepherd University studying photography and computer imagery. This is Jasmine’s first year in program board as a programmer and this is what made her join the team, “I want to be on program board because I want to be one of the people who make a change in the campus community at Shepherd . I want to be apart of a team that will help educate and engage students on campus about ideas and issues that are going on in the community and within the society currently , while having fun and staying actively involved in developing my leadership skills as well as learning from all of the other great leaders that will be around me during my time on program board . It is one of the best opportunities that has crossed my path at Shepherd and I am excited to be apart of a team that will help other students and hopefully make a positive impact on their experience here at Shepherd .” 

Megan Kennedy

The graduate assistant for student activities who is studying college student development and administration. This will be Megan’s second year as a graduate assistant. This was Megan’s reason for joining, “My favorite thing is working with students and helping them grow into themselves.”

                                                                             Rachael Meads

The Assistant Director of the Student center – Director of Student Activities and Leadership – PASS – Student Clubs and Organizations, and Fraternity and Sorority Life“I am so fortunate to have a job that allows me to work with outstanding student leaders who help make both our campus and our community a better place.”

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