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President’s Lecture Series

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Dr. Mary J.C. Hendrix, president of Shepherd University, has created this distinguished lecture series—for the campus and community, and it has become part of the Lifelong Learning Program.

Spring 2024

All lectures, which are free and open to the public, take place in the Robert C. Byrd Center for Congressional History and Education auditorium. These lectures will also be livestreamed on the Shepherd University Youtube channel.


Restoring the Balance Between AI and Humanity: Can We Work in Harmony?

January 29 | 6:30 p.m.

Art Murray, Ph.D., President of Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc.

As technology evolution continues to accelerate, it raises the question: “What about us humans?” In this talk, you’ll gain unique insights into two important dimensions that make up our world today, the artificial and the human, and how we can bring them together in new and extraordinary ways. On the artificial side, we’ll examine two key aspects: “Runaway information-flation: The Five V’s”; and “Are you data-centric or knowledge-centric? The dangers of devolving into the primordial ooze of big data.”

On the human side, topics will include why we need a Great Knowledge Reset, starting today; re-energizing human evolution: body, mind, and spirit; and blending human and machine intelligence – it’s not what you think… Finally, the session will wrap up with a call to action – the great University pivot: are you up to the challenge?


Nobel Prize Topics

February 20 | 6:30 p.m.

Shepherd University Faculty

Shepherd University faculty will discuss the topics of the 2023 Nobel Prize-winning awards:


Mass Shootings: No End, No Wonder

March 26 | 6:30 p.m.

David Cariens, author and retired CIA officer

David Cariens, a retired CIA political analyst, has been writing and analyzing mass shootings for over 20 years. He has written three books on the subject and is working on a fourth. His talk will examine the epidemic of mass shootings in this country, centering on his work dedicated to shooting rampages in Virginia. He served over two years on the Governor’s Commission to Investigate the May 31, 2019 Virginia Beach Mass Shooting. His comments on the Commission’s failure are central to his thoughts about why nothing significant has been done to prevent mass shootings.


For more information, contact Lucinda Powers, Director of Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning, at or 304-876-5135.

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