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Dr. Jeff Groff

14 September 2020

Dr. Jeff Groff, chair of Shepherd University’s Department of Environmental and Physical Sciences, has been named the Faculty Merit Foundation of West Virginia 2019 Professor of the Year. The Foundation made the announcement via letter after its annual spring banquet had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is the highest professional honor of my life, and the honor needs to be shared with my colleagues, family, and friends who supported me, and the students who inspired and challenged me,” Groff said.

“His work demonstrates his commitment to the Shepherd community and beyond,” Hendrix said. “Especially noteworthy are his efforts to integrate project-based learning into his classes, emphasizing the transformative power of education, coupled with a focus on growth and connection to the world around us.”

Groff incorporates field experience and in-person mentoring into his classes, while also trying to harness the power of technology to deliver content and to teach more effectively and efficiently.

Groff has been published in a wide variety of education-based and scientific journals, including The Physics Educator, American Journal of Physics, The Physics Teacher, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Biophysical Journal, and the Journal of Computational Neuroscience. He has been awarded numerous research grants and is a frequent presenter, lecturer, guest speaker and panelist, both regionally and nationally.