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Department of Social and Applied Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Greene
Politics and Government Students at the Capitol in Washington, DC
Kelly Stout and Dr. Holtslag at the World Affairs Seminar
World Affairs Seminar
2018/19 Model UN Team
Capitol from the Library of Congress
2018/19 Debate and Forensics Team
Dr. Holtslag Lectures for the State Department on Human Rights
Political Science Students visit Senator Manchin's office in Washington, DC
Dr. Slocum-Schaffer gave a briefing for the State Department for a group from Cameroon

Shepherd University’s Department of Social and Applied Behavioral Sciences offers two majors in:

… as well as minors in:

Furthermore, a concentration in Global Studies is offered through the Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) program.

The study of political science develops knowledge and understanding of national and international government, politics, and policy. This program prepares students for careers in public service and private business, as well as for graduate work leading to careers in a variety of areas including law, public administration, policy analysis, foreign service, journalism, and college teaching.

Close proximity to Washington, D.C. allows enhancement of traditional classroom work with opportunities to observe the federal government in operation and to participate through internships.  We also have a Pre-Law Advisory Council to guide students towards law school entry, as well as an accelerated pathway agreement to the JD degree at Penn State!

Global Studies provides an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary approach to contemporary international, transnational, and global issues. Students have the opportunity to emphasize either cultural and historic, diplomatic and security, economic and development, or environmental and science interests through different concentrations. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to have a regional focus and to learn a foreign language. This holistic approach to the study of contemporary and enduring global problems prepares students for careers in the increasingly globalized job market. Allowing them to continue in graduate school as well as pursue careers in non-governmental, public service, and corporate environments.

Click here for a PDF overview of our offerings!