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Policy 1: Adoption or Amendment of Policies

Policy 2: Change In The Organization Of Colleges, Schools, Divisions, Departments Or Other Administrative Units

Policy 3: Naming Or Renaming Of Facilities Or Organizational Units

Policy 4: Sexual Harassment

Policy 5: Sabbatical Leave

Policy 6: Grade Point Average for Baccalaureate and Masters Degrees

Policy 7: Assessment, Payment, And Refund Of Fees

Policy 8: Holidays

Policy 9: Classified Employees

Policy 10: Employee Leave

Policy 11: Staff Development

Policy 12: Alcoholic Beverages On Campus

Policy 13: Ethics

Policy 14: Travel

Policy 15: Awarding Of Undergraduate And Graduate Fee Waivers

Policy 16: Assignment Of Academic Credit And Financing Noncredit Instruction

Policy 17: Use Of Institutional Facilities

Policy 18: Social Justice

Policy 19: Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion and Tenure
Policy 19: Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion, And Tenure Appendix A

Policy 20: Student Rights and Responsibilities

Policy 21: Student Academic Rights

Policy 22: Faculty Development

Policy 23: Capital Project Management

Policy 24: Part Time Employees and Adjunct Faculty

Policy 25: Marketing of Credit Cards/Accounts on Campus

Policy 26: Salary Policy

Policy 27: Standards and Procedures for Undergraduate Admissions

Policy 28: Funding of Intercollegiate Athletics

Policy 29: Employment and Evaluation of the President

Policy 30: Parking and Traffic Control

Policy 31: Productivity of Faculty and Staff

Policy 32: Reduced Tuition and Fee Program for State Residents Who Are At Least Sixty-Five Years of Age

Policy 33: Meetings of the Board of Governors

Policy 34: Staff Work Shifts

Policy 35: Information Technology Security

Policy 36: Classified Staff Reduction in Force