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Current Exhibition:

Caitlin Gill – 9 NOV 2022 – 20 JAN 2023. Opening Reception 11/17/22, 4p- 6p.  (learn more about her here.)

Shepherd University’s Phase 2 Gallery is hosting a mixed-media exhibit by Maryland-based artist Caitlin Gill from November 9-January 20, 2023. An opening reception is scheduled for Thursday, November 17, from 4-6 p.m. in the Gallery. The reception and exhibit are free and open to the public.

Titled “Fowl Play,” Gill’s exhibition examines the patriarchy, the male gaze, and gender through portraits of birds. These distressed avians act as a personal narrative that reflects the artist’s identity. Each fowl is a self-portrait and aims to unpack Gill’s attempts to unlearn patriarchal archetypes surrounding beauty, femininity, love, gender roles, intimacy, and worth. Gill explains that cock fighting was a significant inspiration for this body of work.

By utilizing craft materials such as lace, pressed flowers, and other materials, Gill’s work explores the divergence between craft and fine art and the implicit misogyny in the distinction between the two. Her work is labor intensive and acknowledges the invisibility of female labor in the home and marriage and the lack of value inferred in “women’s work.” By evoking ideas of discomfort and repulsion, she encourages viewers to engage in the inherent violence exercised by the feminine construct.

Gill holds a Bachelor of Arts in drawing and painting from Towson University and a Master of Fine Arts in curatorial practice and art criticism from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada.

Upcoming 2022-2023 Exhibitions:

Lauren Koch – 6 FEB – 3 MAR 2023 (learn more about her here.)

Student Honors Show – 13 MAR – 7 APR 2023

Capstones – 14-16 APR 2023

Past 2021-2022 Exhibitions:

Kate Helms, sculpture // January 18 – March 10 2022.  Learn more about Kate and her work here.

American+ by Michael Coppage // November 1 – 30, 2021. Learn more about Michael and his work.

Phaze 2 Gallery operations will be modified to ensure the safety of our visitors and gallery attendants. We have limited daily hours in which attendants will be available to monitor the flow of traffic, maintain safe distancing, and mask usage while in the gallery space.

The Gallery is open Monday 2p – 6p, Tuesday/Wednesday 2p – 8p, Thursday 6p – 8p, Friday 12p -4pm, or by appointment. For more information about the exhibit or to schedule a visit contact the Gallery Director, Evan Boggess

About Us:

The Phaze 2 Gallery is a cultural contact point between the Shepherdstown community and the outside world of contemporary art. We primarily exhibit emerging artists who are working to elevate the way our visitors think and see by challenging the popular concepts and traditions of their disciplines. Our intimate, versatile gallery venue offers artists the freedom to experiment and refine new approaches in their work before moving on to larger exhibition sites. As an instructional tool for the Department of Contemporary Art and Theater of Shepherd University, the Phaze 2 Gallery provides a discursive arena for our students, exhibiting artists, community, and art faculty.

Gallery Director

Evan Boggess,

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