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Phaze 2 Gallery

Current Exhibition:

2021 Capstone Exhibitions / April 22 – May 6 / Live in person / virtual gallery links below

Alyssa Lewis
Nature Unleashed

Virtual Gallery

Photography of Landscapes and Nature that is hidden all around us. This work is to reveal the spacious landscapes that surrounds us in many different ways, throughout the nearby states. These works of art explore the idea that one image can change the way people treat the world that they live in.

Shepherdstown WV
April 19th- May 6th 2021

Lexis Petry
Personal Living- April 3rd – May 2nd 2021

Virtual Gallery Link

Installation of wooden furniture pieces. This installation displays different wooden furniture pieces inspired by minimalist and modern design, and decorated with personal belongings and décor.

Lexi Putnam & Hakema Mutanu

April 16- May 16th  (Online)

Virtual Gallery Link

This collaborative show explores how the elements and zodiac signs play a part in unveiling a woman’s natural beauty through self reflection.
Pisces x Water, March 2021, Digital Photography

Lexi Putnam
Pisces, 2021, 16″X 20″, Luster Paper Print

Hakema Mutanu
UMOJA, 2021. 12″x 14″, Luster Paper Print

Alesa Good
Imagination, Observation, and Education

April 20th – May 20th 2021

Virtual gallery Links

A collection of traditional media sequential and concept illustrations. This body of work explores thoughtful representations of nature with an emphasis on various forms of education surrounding the relationship between humans and creation.

Kaleidoscope Kayak
10″ X 10″ book
Ink and Watercolor

Alex Grassi
Buzzing Wonders

April 22 – May 6

Virtual Gallery Links

A collection of stylized arthropods, ranging from hornets to spiders, depicted in exotic, vivid colors. This selection of bugs is inspired by nature from around the world.

Mantis, 2020, 15″x24″, acrylic on panel

Isabel Rosenberg
breathless correspondence

April 22nd-May 6th Virtual Gallery Link

These works encompass a digital artifact of the female gaze projected over distance and isolation.  Shot remotely, this collection of human figure photography reflects the meaningfulness of the artistic connection even as a vast expanse divides us from each other.

folded figure, 2021, 18×20, printed on fabric

Kennadee Hinzman
Modern Faith – April 22- May 6th

Virtual Gallery Link

This work is a personal interpretation of stories in the Bible and the Parables of Jesus in the contemporary world.

Have Faith (Matthew 14:22-33). 2020. 48″x 36″. Mixed Media on Canvas.

Kenzie Tucker
Body Defined, Color Redefined- April 22nd – May 6th

Virtual Gallery Link

“I believe that the best way to understand the human form is by using your own, so I have used myself as the subject in order to explore sculptural, bodily forms. My illnesses make me feel limited, and yet, for this work I have consistently pushed myself past those limits.”

Bend and Break
Printed: 11×14 inches

Christina Knight
The Looking Glass Self

Virtual Gallery Link

A series of work exploring depression and recovery. The show consists of acrylic paintings, watercolor and ink illustrations, and a hand sewn tapestry that all embody the idea of self-growth and acceptance while coping with depression.

Life is Like a Rose Garden Detail
Embroidery, Fabric, Thread, Oak

Joey Beaufort
Blurring Lines- April 21st – May 6th

Virtual Gallery Link

This collection of self-portrait photography addresses the issues revolving around self-identification and gender influences. Representation of the daily struggles a homosexual man faces is what drives this body of images. The work is presented in a way to show the reflection on one’s self and learning to be confident in your own skin while teaching others to be accepting of individuality.

Blurring Lines
Printed: 8″ X 11″ inches
Esperanza Alzona
Being Human

The characterization of various universal emotions, sensations, thought processes, self-identity and manifestations of spirituality as representations of concepts and qualities of humanness in sculpture primarily cast in metal.

Nevertheless She Persisted – cast aluminum
June 6 – July 30, 2021 / in-person exhibit / Frank Arts Center Gallery, Shepherdstown, WV

Anna Stafford
Looking into the Sun- April 12- May 12, 2021

Visual Gallery Link

Using large free hanging canvases to show human emotions to explore the transitions of emotions from internal to expressing them physically. The current body of work focusses on the pursuit of happiness from the perspective of someone with depression.

Rage, Mixed media on unstretched canvas, 71.5 in X 54 in 2020 2.72

Dani Knott
To Whom It May Concern – April 22- May 6th 2021

Virtual Gallery Link

This exhibition consists of pen and ink and mixed media inside a sketchbook. Everything in this body of work comes back to the idea of life and what it is to live it, as well as what takes up space in someone’s brain and how they choose to express jt and live it/with it. 

Upcoming Exhibitions:

May – Summer 2021 / Student Honors Exhibition and Summer Showcase  

Past Exhibitions:

Phaze 2 Gallery operations will be modified to ensure the safety of our visitors and gallery attendants. We have limited daily hours in which attendants will be available to monitor the flow of traffic, maintain safe distancing, and mask usage while in the gallery space. We have a full programming schedule for the fall, however we will not be introducing our exhibits with traditional artist receptions.

The Gallery is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:00-4:00pm or by appointment. For more information about the exhibit or to schedule a visit contact the Gallery Director, Evan Boggess

About Us:

The Phaze 2 Gallery is a cultural contact point between the Shepherdstown community and the outside world of contemporary art. We primarily exhibit emerging artists who are working to elevate the way our visitors think and see by challenging the popular concepts and traditions of their disciplines. Our intimate, versatile gallery venue offers artists the freedom to experiment and refine new approaches in their work before moving on to larger exhibition sites. As an instructional tool for the Department of Contemporary Art and Theater of Shepherd University, the Phaze 2 Gallery provides a discursive arena for our students, exhibiting artists, community, and art faculty.

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