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Current Exhibition

“Alleys and Artifacts” | a solo exhibition by artist Joan Bontempo | January 16-February 23.

Artist talk—January 22, 4-5 p.m. followed by a reception from 5-7 p.m. in the gallery.

Photo of Joan Bontempo working in s studio on her artwork.

About the exhibition:

Eclectic in theme, my clay/ mixed media pieces draw from appreciations of archetypes and mythologies, of color, and movement in a dimensional medium—all inspired by the arts of
the ancients as well as in contemporary markings shouting, “We Were Here.”

In art, old becomes new again in every era, sometimes through subtle reference, other times overt reinterpretations. And, be it the texture of a weathered surface, damaged images in paint on a wall, or carved gestures into stone, the presence and existence of our artistic activities, our spiritual musings and ultimately our lives, are evidenced by what we leave behind, from footprints to legacy.

This exhibit presents figurative works referencing icons of defenders or prophets; traditional vessel forms rendered with colorful, textured, casual twists; and a series of abstract works integrating surface, time and place in canvases and mixed media constructions. They are inspired by passages, entrances and partitions.They are collected memories enhanced with the colors and textures of use and time. I am grateful to the back alleys, scribbled graffiti or abandoned structures that spoke to me from Detroit to Beijing, Palermo to San Juan, and New York to the Yucatan.

About Us:

The Phaze 2 Gallery is a cultural contact point between the Shepherdstown community and the outside world of contemporary art. We primarily exhibit emerging artists who are working to elevate the way our visitors think and see by challenging the popular concepts and traditions of their disciplines. Our intimate, versatile gallery venue offers artists the freedom to experiment and refine new approaches in their work before moving on to larger exhibition sites. As an instructional tool for the Department of Contemporary Art and Theater of Shepherd University, the Phaze 2 Gallery provides a discursive arena for our students, exhibiting artists, community, and art faculty.

The Gallery is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday noon-8 p.m., Tuesday, Thursday 2-8 p.m., and Saturday noon-5 p.m., or by appointment. For more information about the exhibit or to schedule a visit contact the Gallery Director, Caitlin Gill

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