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All employees must be approved in Charleston before they can start work and be put on the payroll.

Salaried Shepherd University Employees
Salaried employees are paid in arrears on a bi-weekly basis at Shepherd University, with payday being every other Friday. For full-time faculty employed less than 12 months, can spread their salary over 26 pay periods, but Payroll must be notified before the fiscal year begins.

Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct faculty at Shepherd University are paid on a bi-weekly schedule. If all paperwork is received, their first pay will be within six weeks of the beginning of the semester.

Hourly Employees
Hourly employees at Shepherd University are paid in arrears on a bi-weekly basis, with pay day being every other Friday.

Employees not electing Direct Deposit will be paid with a pay card. Your salary may be distributed into more than one account (i.e., savings, checking, money market, etc.).

Manual Timesheet

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